Yet Another Reason to Sing

Thursday, August 16th, 2012|Elexu Team Posts|by Christy Rathbone

Over many years it has always been speculated that singing in a choir can be considered good for your health. Before interning with Elexu I helped run a community choir as part of some work experience.  So today I thought I’d share how singing, or attempting to, is actually very good for you.

After taking the choir to my heart, I realized after a few months that my health had also improved in various ways. I felt less out of breath when exercising, I didn’t feel as anxious and my confidence had grown. I put it down to being a member of a choir, but people laughed and didn’t take my reasoning seriously.

I was proved right when recent research concluded that choir members are improving their health by singing together each week. A report in The Telegraph by Jo Carlowe headlined “Health choirs: let’s have singing on prescription…Joining a choir may help those suffering from a range of chronic illnesses.”

“While the feel-good effects of singing are well-documented, experts now believe that joining a choir could improve the symptoms of a range of health problems including Parkinson’s, depression and lung disease.

At a conference of the Royal Society for Public Health in London, Grenville Hancox, professor of music at The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury told how he and colleagues have witnessed people with respiratory problems learning to breathe more easily, those with depression beating the blues and patients with Parkinson’s disease standing tall and singing loudly.

Not only has the choir been proven to help people health increase physically but also mentally. So why not check for the nearest choir to you and give those lungs a work out?


Christy R – Senior Intern