What a Picture!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012|Elexu Team Posts, Guest posts|by JairoHurtado

Before 1990, you needed a proper camera to get a good picture just to develop it, store it into a photo album or  frame and that’s it. Nowadays, photography has got a new dimension with the help of the mobiles, internet and the social media networks that really let photographers mess with what the camera sees.

Every mobile nowadays has a camera. Year by year, cameras are getting better and better on mobile devices because the companies in charge of producing them know the importance that the users are giving to the photos. It’s all about the experience of sharing it instantly, and less about achieving it. That’s the reason why social networks as Pinterest are getting so popular. Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more.

My interest in photography started when I started attending to my university classes. In 2008 I started to attend some art exhibitions at museums at the same time I was taking the classes of art history as part of the Graphic Design Program. Later, around the 5th semester in  2010 I got my fist analog SLR camera as a requirement of the photography class. At the beginning  it was very difficult to learn how to do good snapshots without the camera adjusting it automatically. You had to adjust the speed and the diaphragm, two completely new concepts for me. But once I got it, the results were amazing. With photography, the key is practice and understanding the equipment you are using.

I came to London in the beginning of June, just in time to attend the 2012 Olympic Games. That was a great opportunity to use my photography skills and share it with the world, especially with all the famous and beautiful landmarks like the Big Ben, Tower bridge, The London Eye or Saint Paul’s cathedral. There’s a fact and it’s that England, specially London, developed what is called the Victorian style, which have been preserved over more than a century. Another fact is that many of the landmarks, if not all, has centuries of history behind them, adding more relevance to the image taken. London is a photographers playground.

Now I have a Samsung NX10, which has allowed me to capture some epic photo’s during the summer around the Thames. I don’t like doing photography in the winter because I am Colombian and English warm is Colombian cold.

During the autumn there’s not much chance of getting any sun, so I’ll wait for that rare sunny winter day when I can be out capturing London with my camera lens.