Update from the Summer: Elexu Live Lounge

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013|Elexu Live Lounge, Event|by ElexuCommunity

At Elexu office the summer has been busy, and we’ve received a lot of amazing visits!

For who missed the past episodes of the Live Lounge, we hosted some young artists who surprised us for their music, voices, art, well, for their natural talents!

We would like to use this space to say thanks again to everyone for coming and sharing with the Elexu Team and Elexu Community these wonderful talents. So thanks to Lukas Johne, Peppermint Duo, Antiqu’e, Tom Staniford and Sarah Berresford, alias Oh Sister!


 Lukas Johne

Peppermint Duo

 Peppermint Duo




Tom Staniford with our host, Nate Maingard


Oh Sister during the PreView of our new product iVO 

If you want to watch their performance at the Elexu Live lounge, visit the Elexu page on YouTube or on Facebook!

…New artists & Live Lounge are coming soon!

Elexu Team