Top Free Games for Students

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012|Advice, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

As a gamer a free game is a good game as long as its a good game to play. Got it? Well anyway it’s coming up to Xmas and you may not have the money to go out and buy that new game you wanted, so I thought I would use my bast knowledge to hook up the elexu community with free games to download and play.

1) Slender; This is a free to play game the will make you feel fear, maybe even real fear. It’s a horror game created by Parsec Production based on a faceless character called Slender. His aim is to get you, no one really knows what happens to once he gets his long pale hands you but it can’t be good. Your job is wonder round the dark woods and simply find 8 pages stuck on various object. Easy right? Noooooo! Slender tries to get you and the more pages you get the scarier the game gets. One of reasons its scary is because you are not allowed to look at slender for more then a second…s you are not allowed to look at the thing chasing you. Play if you dare.

2) Gotham City Imposers:  This game you have to download steam to play… which ok because its free. Steam is just a gaming client that you can buy games from. It’s easy and totally safe. Then download this beaut of a free to play game. Based on Batman you basically take part in the Gotham Gang war between Batman vigilantes and Jokers mad maniacs.  It has a twisted humor, fast paced action, loads of crazy weapons and power ups. Play it and you will be hooked.

3) Planetside 2: Again is a steam game (most of the best games can be found on steam). Planetside 2 is a massive multiplayer online first person shooter. However matches aren’t between hundreds but between thousands of people fighting across open fields to urban city centers. Fight by land, sea and air to achieve victory. Again this a quality game for free so you really can’t complain.

4) No time to explain developed by tingBuildGames: This game is simply bad ass and can be played on newgrounds (soon to be on steam). Its a platforming game that requires an unnamed male character to chase his future captured self though different levels and time. YES!!. Time Travel! Play it and see what all the fuss is about.

5) Strong Hold Kingdoms: This is a bit of a slower paced game than the others of the list, buts its a pretty good strategy MMO developed by Firefly Studios. Your jobs is to go from bumpkin to baron to king by diplomacy or by the sword. This is also a social network so you play this game with other people trying to do the same. Build alliances, build the perfect village or try to conquer the world, its up to you.

So here is my little list of free games to play. Have a great xmas and if you fancy a game of Gotham City Impostor’s then add my steam account sam0nfire. The o in the name is zero.