There is Fiction in Fashion

Thursday, September 6th, 2012|Advice, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

Today’s controversial blog post comes from Christy Rathbone a student and intern at Elexu. She writes about how to break free of the designers grasp on your personality and that everyone should just wear what makes them feel great.

Walking into a bar you cannot help but notice the clashes of colour and the various different shades of fake tan. We “tanorexics” are overcome with that familiar musty, sweaty, cheap-branded fake tan smell lingering in the air. Sexy. After managing to control my gag reflex I notice layer upon layer of leopard print, gold hooped earrings, leggings worn as trousers, huge hair extensions and my new pet hate; wellington boots worn as everyday shoes. WHY? You’re not at a festival and you are definitely not a farmer, your nail extensions prove that.

Whatever happened to Girl Power? All I see is ladies dressing for boys these days. We have nothing to be proud of. Everybody looks the same. High street. Polyester. Clones. Fake.

 Brands have taken over. Triple the price for a quarter of the quality, just because a name, icon or even sticker is recognizable to the designer lover’s eye. These items cost a fraction of the asking price to produce and I bet you wouldn’t want to know where in the world it has come from. Horrific.

Fashion does not have to be expensive. If you’re one of those people who think second hand clothes are disgusting then you have a lot to learn and should probably stop reading this column.  I feel sorry for you.

Charity shops can provide you with unique items. Picture the perfect dress that you can wear out, and not see three other girls that are skinnier than you, sporting the same outfit (the only difference being that some idiot spilt a lovely glass of red wine down yours; typical Friday night for me).

Older garments are a lot less flimsy and less likely to break compared to high street copies. If you get home and realise it isn’t you, cut it, hem it, sew on buttons or jewellery – basically do what you want to make it more you. Keep in mind that nobody had much money in the sixties but looked fabulous with what they had to work with and creativity was key in the 80’s.

Ditch the fashion magazines; they make you feel ugly anyway. Fashion is about expressing yourself, if your friends do not like what you wear, stuff them. If you disagree with my opinion on fashion then Go Girl, at least you have one. It makes a change.

Every girl is a different shape and size and you have the right to look and feel amazing. I am addicted to long skirts, they make your waist look tiny and if you don’t like your legs – Hey Presto! But I do get called a granny by people who aren’t into my look. Especially by my Mum. Do I care? Nope. Take the good with the bad and never feel scared about expressing yourself.

If we were made to follow the crowd then why is everybody different?