The Power of Blogging

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012|About Elexu, Advice|by Sam Watson

Before I started my internship at elexu I had never written a blog post and never thought of doing one because who would read it? However, after a couple of weeks I found myself in charge of the company blog and was introduced into the new world of blogging.

Here are some tips that I have learn’t while blogging and I think I should share:

1) Blogging isn’t just about having people read your words. To be honest, if one person reads your blog and someone takes something from it, then that’s enough for me. Writing blogs is about exploring your own opinions, formulating your own arguments, polishing up your writing skills (always important) and of course running something in the online world is always good to have on the CV.  Also write how you talk, the way you talk is unique to your self and it comes across this way in the blog which brings more uniqueness to your blog… see where I am going with this. So write for yourself and not for other people, blogs are meant to be you.

2) Guest blogging every now and then is something to consider. Lets be honest unless you are famous or have a legion of online stalkers then not many people want to read daily updates about your life. So reach out to other bloggers and people who have interesting articles to share and post them on your blog. This way you network, get some diversity to your blog and if you pair up with another blogger you can guest post for them and reach their audience. Win win situation.

3) Study other blogs and look to see what makes them successful so you can steal what they do, adjust it to yourself and then BHAM your blog just some more readers. Also look at how the big blogs on the net are really well formatted, a nice looking blog is much more inviting. Nice pictures, easy to read text and good colour combinations are key to a successful blog.

There are some many guides to writing a good blogs and there are many more tips but these are three that I think are important. So good luck and good blogging!

Guest Blogging!!

If you would like to write a guest blog post for the elexu blog then we would like to here from you. We are looking for a huge variety of articles from business  art, music, sports, technology, top 5 lists to crazy rants about vegetables. If you would like to find out more about guest posting then please email Sam at to discuss articles, word limits etc.