The Perfect Gentleman

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013|Event, Interviews|by Sam Watson

Elexu was lucky enough to land an interview with serial entrepreneur Zach Falconer-Barfield the mastermind being the Perfect Gentleman experience. The Perfect Gentleman course is designed to teach you how to be a gentleman which will give you an advantage in your professional, personal and love life. Details about how to attend the course are below but first here is the interview:

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

The core of being a Gentleman is all about Respect; Style; the Commons of Manners, Courtesy, Decency and Sense; and lastly but not least Chivalry. The “Gentleman” is an ideal that lasted over 700 years and it worked.  However, it has faded over the last 80 years, the skills unfortunately are not being taught by anyone anymore and we believe that they could make the world a much better place.

How does being a gentleman help with your career?

In business and your career, people do business with and hire people not just their CVs nor track record, therefore being considered a “gentleman” champions a set of values and skills which gives you the edge.

For example, “First impressions count”, if you walk into an interview; a business meeting or any similar situation and you’re a stylishly and smartly dressed, quietly confident and courteous that alone will increase your standing and your chances of success.

It is the intangibles that make all the difference, knowing how to work the room and how to make small talk; knowing which glass to use at an important business dinner, knowing what gift ‘not’ to bring to your Chinese host.  These are all the skills that are not taught at that top flight business school or graduate programme.

Benefits in other aspects of life?
Benefits can be found everywhere in life with being a gentleman, but I suppose one key area is in romance and relationships. Through being that gentleman and re-discovering the lost art of wooing and romance, he can sweep the lady off her feet and BE her Prince Charming.

What was the reason for starting these events and the movement of teaching others how to be a Gentleman?

Two reasons started me on the path for launching the Perfect Gentleman.

Firstly, a very good female friend of mine asked me to teach her then boyfriend to be more like me, a gentleman. Very flattered, I laughed it off but when 3 other female friends of mine said similar things over a short period of time, I thought there must be something to it.

Secondly, I was becoming more and more fed up with the lack of manners that people displayed, for example the absence of basic pleases and thank yous.

I discovered, that these things are not being taught anymore: schools don’t;  it has dropped of the busy parents list of ‘to dos’; nor is there a finishing school for men in the world. So we thought we had better start one and we are hugely excited by the response.

Is there a specific moment where being gentleman gave you the advantage and someone not being a gentleman a disadvantage?

Many moments come to mind, but one that I think illustrates the point well was when I attended an exclusive, invite only, cocktail party a few years ago.  I was engaged in conversation with a group of people and one man in the group was bragging and being crass, I took it upon myself to a steer both the conversation and him away from the group and once I had deposited him at the bar returned to the group. One of the people from the group found me sometime later and awarded my company a lucrative contract.  When I asked the person why, they said it was because of my gentlemanly conduct that night.  (I subsequently discovered that the “crass man” was actually in line for the contract.)

Do you ever take off the gentleman persona? 

It is not a persona.  A Gentleman is who you are, or indeed rather who you choose to become. It is an intrinsic part of you, therefore how cannot you ‘take it off”.


The Perfect Gentleman Course  12th & 13th of January 

True Gentlemen are not born they are made

These 2 Days will give you all the skills to make you that man

The skills we teach include:

  • Mind-set & Confidence
  • The Art of Being Well Groomed
  • The Ability to Dress with Style
  • Learn Excellent Manners & Etiquette
  • The Lost Art of Wooing & Romance
  • Developing Business Relationships

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