Music & Photography, Part 2 – By Samantha Edgley

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After the first segment we published last week, here’s the second part of the post written by our guest blogger  Samantha Edgley about Music & Photography, two passions she regularly combines in her personal blog Beside The See Side. 

Enjoy it!


Rachel Elliott


On Sunday 19th May, I photographed Rachel Elliott at Highgate Woods. Rachel is a multi-instrumentalist. She studied classical music at Reading University, but is currently branching out and finding her own style as a singer/songwriter.


Kate Steel


There was tree climbing, prom dresses, and oodles of colourful flowers and balloons when I photographed actress and music theatre performer Kate Steel at Hampstead Heath. A fun shoot!


Damsels Most Daring


I got some live photographs when the Damsels Most Daring performed their full Edinburgh Fringe show at the West London Synagogue at Marble Arch on 27th June. The Damsel’s use of music, props, accents and ingenuity make this hour long show zoom by. Their show is lively, original & really entertaining.


Simon Lawrence



I first met Simon when we both performed as singer/songwriters at the Kings Head in Islington. Since then we have collaborated as songwriters and also performed live together. Simon Lawrence is a talented jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist.


The Mitch Daniel’s Band Live at the Islington O2 Academy2


On Friday 18th October, the Mitch Daniels Band played an amazing headline show at the Islington O2 Academy2, and they raised a lot of money for charity in the process.  I took some live photographs from this fantastic gig and also got some exclusive pics from the soundcheck. I was delighted to see my photograph of Mitch and Tom busking on the Southbank used as a poster for the show too. Fantastic evening.

Many thanks for looking at these pics, and also to the hugely talented artists/bands who have posed for my photos through 2013.


Author: Samantha Edgley



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