Making Your Passion Work for You

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012|Interviews|by Crystal Yang

Today we are taking a look at the life of Marcy Johnson. Marcy started her career in acting, but has found another outlet for her creativity in teaching Yoga. She is happier now she is financially stable, but she also explores how things could have been different if the right opportunities were presented to her.

Crystal: When you were still acting, what were the main struggles you faced?

Marcy: It’s a tough career. I moved straight to Los Angeles and didn’t have any networks or representation (a manager or an agent). This meant I had to find auditions myself and trying to get your foot in the door without the right network of people can be almost impossible unless your lucky.

Crystal: Do you feel fulfilled by teaching yoga now?

Marcy: Yes, there is a sense of balance and creativity in my life now…plus now I’m getting paid on a regular basis to do something else I love (that’s a real bonus!).

Crystal: Do you think a site like Elexu could have helped you?

Marcy: Well I think so… if there was the possibility to be seen by a manager or an agent who might have signed me that would have been a game changer. I guess that would happen if I entered a competition and I put up my reel (a one to two minute clip of an actor’s film work) and got some attention through that. Even if I didn’t win I might still get noticed. Though hopefully I would win because let’s face it, unless you make it big, actors don’t make much money.

Crystal: What’s your favourite word and why?

Marcy: Dork. It’s always been fitting and I think it’s fun to say.