Learn how to make video with no budget

Thursday, July 24th, 2014|Advice, Video production|by Martin Zeman

There is a widely spread misperception that making a video is very expensive. Unfortunately this stops a lot of businesses from engaging with their target audience through this extremely powerful medium and hence missing a huge opportunity to make money.

In this article we will break this myth and show you how you can start producing high quality videos on almost no budget.

This week I had an opportunity to attend a video making workshop by Training-n-Promo run by a BBC veteran Neil Ben. Neil teaches small and medium business owners and marketers how to make HD videos using nothing else than their smartphones and headphones.

Neil started by explaining the technical aspects of filming on a smartphone, how to capture great sound and gave us an introduction into lighting. But that was just the beginning.

You don’t learn until you do what you’ve listened to. And to me, the practical experience, was the most important part of the training. I feel we spent more time working on videos than we spent listening to theory and that’s the main reason the workshop was so valuable.

We, people, are usually quite shy in front of a camera. Having a safe and supportive environment with others like us and someone who pushes us out of our comfort zone to actually do it is absolutely invaluable.

If you are an SME business owner, marketer, freelancer or for example a musician – sign up to the next Training-n-Promo workshop and discover, like I did, how easy it is to produce great quality videos through your smartphone.

As a bonus, here is one of the practice videos I made on my own during the workshop on my iPhone 4 (if you have a newer phone like 4S or iPhone 5, the quality would be even higher).

If I can do it, so can you!

PS: If you can’t attend the workshop near London, Neil has also got an online training called 10 Minute BluePrint.