Jumping On Stage With Colourshop

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012|Elexu Team Posts, Guest posts|by Sam Watson

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Today’s blog post comes from Colourshop band member and Elexu intern Deigo Salvati who talks about what inspired him to play music and his experience with going on tour.

Jumping on stage and performing is just the best experience I have ever had, people shouting my name and groupies waiting back stage…just kidding. My first time playing a musical instrument was when I was six years old and I played a really simple and silly piece, however this sparked a passion that has shaped my adult life. The performance most likely sounded pretty basic however I practised and can now play confidently… especially when the ladies are listening.

Since then I tried to play every single day of my life. I started with classic guitar and then moved to classical piano. My first composition dated back to 2000 and my last one just some days ago. I have no intention of stopping.

I have been touring the last two months with my band Colourshop around UK and abroad. Touring is the most rewarding and exciting thing I have ever done in my life. At this moment it is not matter of being famous which I’m not, it’s the matter of having the possibility of having my thoughts and music shared with other people. This is the kind of experience that I need to be inspired in order to write new songs, this is what drives me and is most likely then main reason for other people getting into music aswell.

Everything I write comes from my personal experiences. I can’t just write down words if what I have to talk about doesn’t belong to me. It could be a person, a good experience, a bad experience or even a simple smile crossing my way home. A song without personal meaning is hard to perform to the fullest because you don’t have a connection and I believe that the audience can feel that.

I had the best tour experience in Poland this summer. I played in an Arts Festival full of painters, photographers and artists. People were just amazed by our music; they asked us for pictures and for autographs. As I said I’m not famous (yet…heheh) but that day I felt like I was.

Sometimes I feel that something I can’t explain in words may be only be explained by music. I think this formula really suits me. In the end music is a universal language that can actually reach everyone and I encourage everyone to try to learn to play a musical instrument it could shape who you are and provide you with new experiences in life.

Check out my Facebook at www.facebook.com/colourshopmusic for links to music, performances and the upcoming event in line with Colours shops new album.

Written By Diego Salvati