It’s Easy to be Stuck in a Music Rut

Thursday, October 4th, 2012|Advice, Elexu Team Posts, Guest posts|by ElexuCommunity

Today’s post is inspired by a number of people who had conversations with on the way home about current music. I put the conversations we had into a post. So it’s “written” by a number of people, but edited by Intern Sam.

Music is a subjective topic. Everything is an opinion and most likely should be in that “don’t talk about religion or politics with friends” category because I have seen arguments and tears over music. However, my friends and I were driving home one night and did not adhere to my previous wisdom and starting talking music. The fear…

Luckily these friends are mostly all in the same  genre boast as me. Therefore no comments were made or judging occurred, unlike when fellow intern Claudia started playing “Call Me Maybe” in the office. That song is as catchy as a cold and you will be singing it all day, regardless of musical taste. Anyway, back to point of the post. My friends and I had agreed that we hadn’t got into any new music lately and were just listening to what we liked two years ago. We had all lost faith in commercial music at the moment and didn’t even bother keeping up to date with new music.

I mean look at some of the top 100 today. Some music is more about gimmick than music. Ex: “PSY Gangnam Style” (maybe it makes more sense in Korean). I decided to come up with a system to get myself out of this musical rut. I wrote down genres of music and put them all into a bowl. Once a week I pull a genre out of the music bowl, find a video on YouTube that represents the genre and listen. After, I then I click on a few related videos to expand what I listened to (rule of on thumb click on videos that don’t represent well known artists) so at least I have the possibility of finding some new music I like. So far, I am really liking some Biggie Smalls, Foster the People, Alexisonfire, Colourshop and a amateur artist who does really good covers of songs. I recommend everyone tries something like this because you don’t know what exists until you have heard it. Kind of like that whole, “if a tree falls in a forest it doesn’t make a sound” saying.

Music can have a much more profound effect when heard live because not only do you get the music, but also the personality of the artist. Mixed with the crowd, it makes a unique experience incomparable to your headphones. So go check out some open mic nights and gigs. Maybe amateur music put up for the world to see in sites like YouTube is truly the way forward in music. These artists have no other influences except themselves (no managers, no marketing team or controlling label). I truly believe that some artists are only as good as thier marketing team and I know that some amateur artists become commercial artists. This may explain why some musicians first album that made them famous is their best (Metallica). Amateur artists are truly free to perform what they want. THAT IS WHAT MUSIC IS ABOUT, not about whether or not I will call you.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some people have the a wrong opinion. If you would like to share your opinion on something and write a blog post for this page then contact Sam at