Is That Art?… Subjective Much

Thursday, October 25th, 2012|Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

Art is one of the most subjective experiences of the creative side of life. While I have never been a massive art fan, I can appreciate the skill and beauty of some pieces of art, especially sculptures which I think takes a true artist to make something out of stone. However, there are some pieces of “art” that just confuse me and I wonder who considers that art? Here is a little list of some really weird art.

 1) The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living : Damien Hirst

This is a notorious piece of art by the infamous Damein Hirst and its a 14-foot tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde in a vitrine. Its sale in 2004 made him the second most expensive artist in history. It’s just a dead shark right? I have read up on how the shark was created and it seemed that it took the skills of others to create this which to me means that is does not belong to Hirst, such as the guy who put in the structure to support the shark.

 2) My Bed: Artist: Tracey Emin

I mean come on, it a dirty teenager’s bed and its considered art. Anyway Tracey Emin a member of the Young British Artists created My Bed for an installation in 1999 for the Turner Prize. It is basically her bed complete with used condom and blood stained underwear. Burn it…burn it with fire. What made it art was the fact she stayed in the bed for several days when she was in a suicidal depression. One woman actually tried to clean it up. Is this art?


3) Milk Vomit Art: Millie Brown

Artist Millie Brown starves herself for two days because if food is present, the piece of art will smell and she may have to pay license fees. She then drinks coloured milk…sticks her fingers down her throat…pukes on a canvas and then sells it for over $2500. Nice. I can appreciate that the art looks okay but it’s just the way is was created. Brown became so famous for this style of art she was invited to puke on lady gaga.

4) Mao Sugiyama… I just don’t know what to call it.

Mao Sugiyama is asexual and an artist. To show this he had his genitals removed and frozen for two weeks. He then proceeded to advertise a banquet which you could attend if you bought one of the expensive £160 tickets where he would cook his things and you would eat them. The tickets sold out and he served his meals with mushrooms and parsley. If this performance art then I want no part of it and I think £160 is not enough. I don’t have a picture.