Interview with Ben – Musical Theatre Aspirant

Thursday, May 10th, 2012|Interviews|by Crystal Yang

Community is vital for anyone who seeks support in a career that has unexpected challenges. Today we have an interview from Amy Bloom, one of our budding interns, and a musical theatre aspirant, Ben, who shares with us his journey and struggles in his career.

Amy: I hear you have landed the part of Warner in Legally Blonde in Colchester, Essex Congratulations. What drew you to singing (what do you love about it)?

Ben: Thank you very much. Well when I hurt my leg back in 2007, I decided to start singing again, as I had previously been in my school choir in Junior School. My Grandparents showed me a DVD concert version of Les Miserables, which inspired me to try and sing the song Bring Him Home. It has taken me about 5 years to get my voice to the point where I can finally sing the show stopper but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Amy: Are there any obstacles or struggles you face in your career that would cause you to stop pursuing musicals?

Ben: I think there is definitely a pre conception in life that everything is just going to fall on your lap. I believe if you are disciplined in any field and learn your craft through hard work you will get there eventually. However I do feel that there are some great artists that are not picked up by record labels purely on the basis that they “DONT FIT THE MOULD” or that they are not what the label is looking for at that moment in time. I think that is where we all struggle as artists.

Amy: Do you think if you had more (Content, Capital or Connections) it would be easier?

Ben: Without a doubt, money and connections would help tremendously. For example if I had more time to gig more and get my teeth into more hearty productions and train my voice more regularly I am sure I could progress extremely quickly. I love my job at the moment but it is not what I want to be doing when I am 30. My goal is to sing in the Royal Albert Hall and bring the house down.

Amy: When Elexu is up and running is a competition (Endowment) something you would be interested in joining?

Ben: Of course, I would love the chance to further my career.

Amy: What sort of endowments would you like to see for an aspiring singer?

Ben: An endowment that gave someone like me the chance to meet an already well-established singer would be great, so I could get advice on how to progress in my field or the chance to spend a day behind the scenes of a music video being filmed or backstage at the theatre, would be great!

For more information about Ben check out: or Twitter: @bbrunningmusic.

Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a bit from the life of one of our aspirants. Elexu is always looking to help those just like Ben and anyone with a dream who needs access to $ (capital), info (content), or connections. Sign up for the Elexu newsletter to become on of the invite-only members on our site!