Interview with Jade Langton-Evans – Photographer and Entrepreneur

Thursday, June 14th, 2012|Interviews|by Christy Rathbone

Jade Langton-Evans specializes in bespoke natural and beautiful photography for weddings, maternity, babies, children and family, as written in her biography. She is not only a very talented photographer but she has also started up her own successful business at a very young age. Turning her hobby into her dream job. She is a great example of how following your dreams can pay off and keep the inspiration flowing.

The whole interview was a little bit long for a blog post, so we have selected the very best bits for the blog. But because there was so much more we wanted to give you the opportunity to read the whole Elexu interview with Jade Langton-Evans – we can highly recommend it.

Christy R.: Tell me a bit about your business and what introduced you to photography?

Jade: What I loved photographing the most were people. Every single person is different and fascinating in their own way and I loved to be able to capture stories and expressions as well as emotions. There are so many inspirational photographers and artists out there and I embraced visually others work.

It took me a few years to get me to the point where I am today, I worked and learnt some things from professionals and also became a manager at a big photography company from which I felt in my heart it was time for me to flee and start out for myself. I must add this is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life!

I had been taking on weddings and portraits when I could fit them in alongside my full time job, but I wanted to be able to give my clients an experience that included my whole heart and soul. It takes a long time to develop a style that people understand you.

The steps I took into starting the business were the biggest; taking the lunge into actually working and being self-reliant for myself.

Christy R.: What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

Jade: I have been very lucky in my first year of business to have some wonderful accomplishments. Such as my work being featured on some of the top wedding and baby blogs on the UK.

Christy R.: What is the most difficult thing about running your own business?

Jade: I think the most difficult thing about running a business is being able to stand out from the crowd constantly against the competition. I think especially when there are so many people trying to be different and inspiring and it takes a long time to become established and known for a particular area you have to be on your toes all the time and sometimes it feels like I’m sleeping, eating and breathing photography and hoping that people can find me in between the sea of other artists. It goes to say though that I’m very blessed in the respect that most of my clientele have found and booked me because of images they have seen of their own friends and family and it soon becomes a huge link.

Christy R.: What inspires you?

Jade: What starts my ideas off can be something very simple such as beautiful scenery, pretty things, books, good use of light, photographs, people, window displays, seasons and life in general and a big one is my clients! My work is really focused on them so I bring a piece of them into each individual session.

I regularly take time out to chill such as walking in the countryside when I’m busy because your brain can get so bogged down with editing, replying to emails, sorting out samples, and albums etc. etc. that you have to remind yourself daily why you love what you do.

If I can take some quiet time regularly to think in peace it floods my mind with new inspirations to enable to keep creating new ideas. I also think it’s important to keep being inspired because it’s the key to your creativity. If I wasn’t inspired I genuinely would not be able to capture emotion and love, which I do in my images.

To find more of Jade’s work or learn more about her story check out her Facebook page or visit her website

Just remember, like Jade if you follow your passion and put in the hard work you can make your dreams happen too!