Interview with Siwei Yang

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013|Interviews|by MengQin

Siwei Yang is the Manger of one of China’s most successful actresses Fan Bingbing. She was kind enough to complete an interview about her career tips for getting into acting and more.

1) What are some tips for being a good artist manager?

As a promoter one of the best tips I can give you is that you are a story teller.  Don’t just package an artist which generic events and PR stunts, you need to tell their story because that is what people really want to hear and every artist is unique you need to use that to your advantage. I got to be introduced to Fang BingBing by impressing her at an event with my own PR stunts. As a promoter which is one of the  first steps before becoming a manger is to really make your events special and get the public talking, since a actor/actress is only as famous as the amount of people talking about them.  As a manger you need to be flexible and think on your feet, any problems that arise you need to adjust to make them turn to your advantage. Quick thinking is key. I think what I am doing now is quite similar to being a lawyer so I enjoy it.

I believe that to be a promoter or manger of artists you need to be strong willed. If you want something, are determined enough and a you believe in yourself then nothing can stop you, you will be motivated to get it using any resources you have. This applies to everything I do not just my job. This is a key principle I live my life by.  Also I think I had a bit of luck on my side which never hurts to have.

2) How do you gain an artist’s trust?

I think you meet an artist and you just click. You can have a portfolio and have all the experience in the world but if you don’t get on with your artist and your personalities don’t work well together then you will never succeed with them. I worked with Bingbing once and we just clicked, she really appreciated the work I did and I have been her manager ever since.

3) What qualities of Bing Bing make you want to work with her?

Bing Bing is very intelligent, has a high EQ, loyal to her friends and has a great personality which is what really helps. If you have those qualities it’s hard not to be successful. Also she is beautiful which also helps but this is not the most important factor since there are plenty of beautiful people that are failed artists. What they really need is a good manager *wink *wink*.

4) Why do you put all eggs in one basket?

I could choose to manage many artists but I choose just to manage one because with BingBing I get the best resources in the industry and I can focus on her which is a great advantage to her.

5) How do you use social media to promote? What do you think of the role that social media play in promotion.

Social media is a fantastic platform it provides quick access to your audience. However social media is hard to control  so you need to posted quickly and smartly to negative information, promote good information often as to keep the audience engaged and interested in your artist. This applies for artists as well you need to be a good source of information and entertainment on your social media page as to keep people interested and attract new audience. Tell some good stories and people will always listen.

We have a whole system of how to categorized and react to news. Because when you work with others people responses to information differently when you really need to only response in one concise way. If you respond to news a multiple ways this can have a negative impact.

To finish off if you manage an artist they need to be nicely dressed or edgy dressed every time they appear in front of the camera because people aren’t interested in normal. You need to be the fire not the moth. It’s your job to help your artist set the trends that people follow.