International Interns

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012|About Elexu, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

Two of our talented interns William and Yanet talk about how Elexu could benefit their home countries of Canada and Spain.

William from Canada:

“Well I’m going back to University soon in Halifax where I know a lot of artists that have a lot of talent but there are no opportunities to connect and make progress. Elexu could really help connect these artists with the capital and resources they need to display their work and meet like minded people.

A friend of mine was a fantastic artist and sold his art to his friends and family to make money to support his education, unfortunately it was not enough and he had to quit which is a great shame. If Elexu had anything to say about it, he would be connected to every art lover in Halifax to help find the resources he needed to carry on and promote his work.

Halifax has a lot of students and most leave the city after finishing their education due to the lack of communities and opportunities. So if Elexu helped build communities around art, music, business and sport more students may stay in Halifax because they can meet like minded people who could support each other as well as have the resources they need through Elexu’s digital competitions. I might even start a few projects myself on behalf of Elexu over in Canada.”

Yanet from Spain:

“Spain is currently going through an economic crisis and there are very few opportunities for the Spanish youth to start their own businesses and projects due to a lack of spending and support. An organisation that connects youth to the resources they need is greatly needed in Spain.

In Barcelona there is a vibrant fashion community however there are very little opportunities for new fashion designers to show off their clothes so Elexu could help organise events where young fashion designers gain exposure and really help them move forward. Also students with degree’s find it near impossible to gain experience due to a lack of internships, there is no path way to working in an established company straight after university and some students never get that experience they need. Elexu can help connect companies/organisations to talented youth through the Elexu competitions

Barcelona is a metropolitan city and therefore has its own styles and culture which may be hidden away from people living outside the main cities who may not be aware of communities that appeal to their interests or opportunities that they could benefit from. For example Elexu could help connect young designers from all over Spain so that ideas and influences can have a wide spread impact and not just have their ideas completely shaped just by what is around them, so people are not limited by where they live. Elexu could help unite different communities all over Spain so that new concepts and projects can always have a different viewpoint as well as having a large population following what a person is doing that is new and exciting.”