In conversation with Larry H. – Part II

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In continuance to conversation with Larry H. – Part I

Born in England in 1977, Larry Hallegua is an award-winning street photographer based in London. Larry strives at capturing candid moments of everyday life, trying to incorporate elements of art, fun and surrealism in his photos. His subject(s)’ are generally unaware of him capturing their emotions, Larry states, ‘’If emotion is on the street it must be poured onto the page of the photo, for all to learn and benefit from.’’

MB: Elexu Senior Associate, Meng Bean
LH: Photographer, Larry Hallegua

A good street photo

MB: Have you ever asked yourself the question – ‘’Am I shooting to please just me or to please my audience?’’

LH: I always shoot for me in the first instance. When I edit I try to think whether it’s a good shot, by how difficult it was to take, what it’s trying to show, as well as how interesting it is for the viewer. A great photo in my opinion, is one that you can look at and enjoy for more than a minute or two, that makes you want to come back to it for repeat viewings.

So many factors make a photo aesthetically pleasing and interesting to view – the composition, colours, subjects, etc… I think street photos are unique in that they are not necessarily reportage or documentary, although I think there is sometimes a crossover, they can purely be showing a quirky or fun scene. I do enjoy reportage and documentary shots too but I’m usually drawn to quirky or funny situations.

shooting to please

Funny, quirky and surreal

MB: Except for fun and quirky I notice that you define your work also as surreal, so what is surrealism to you?

LH: I guess in its widest definition it’s when something ordinary becomes extraordinary and reality is being played with through the exploitation of chance effects or unexpected juxtapositions. A good example would be “Light Being” which was hanging in Urban Picnic’s gallery in the UK, during May this year, I was one of 30 finalists in Urban Picnic’s International Street Photography Competition.


Artist or anthropologist?

MB: You said that “if emotion is on the street it must be poured onto the page of the photo, for all to learn and benefit from.” Do you think of yourself more like an artist or an anthropologist?

LH: Maybe both at times. But I don’t study my subjects, the art comes first definitely.

artist or anthropologist

Photographer’s perspective

LH: I often think my photos say more about me than my subjects. People see your perspective on things, the world through your eyes. It is open for all to see, you cannot hide it.

MB: Do you feel insecure about it?

LH: No, not insecure. I am lucky as I enjoy the method, the hunt as it were, as well as the obvious satisfaction of having taken something that people find interesting and engaging to look at.

photographer's perspective

All rights reserved

MB: I notice that you don’t normally put watermark on your photos, do you mind if somebody uses your work for other purposes without giving you the credit? Have you ever struggled with protecting your own intellectual property?

LH: I don’t like watermarks. When I started doing this, particularly on Flickr I was using an attribution licence. My images were used for various things but they always credited me. With the Internet and website like Flickr, it is even harder to protect my work. I guess I am too busy shooting to care, but I should be getting serious about that.

all rights reserved

Advice(s) to young people if they want to be a street photographer

1. Get a camera
2. Look at some good examples of street to get you going (Henri Cartier Bresson, Martin Parr, Garry Winogrand, Bruce Gilden, Lee Friedlander, Vivian Maier, Alex Webb, Jun Abe, etc… as well as lots of amazing street photographers on flickr)
3. Do not wait to be inspired, go out there and start shooting
4. Shoot, shoot and then shoot some more
5. Be confident and don’t be afraid. I shoot normally within a few metres of my subject or even closer. The more you do it, the more it will start to become very natural.

so many factors

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