How I see TV Advertising of tomorrow

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014|About Elexu, Future of TV|by Martin Zeman

A while ago we created this video for an innovation in digital advertising contest organized by IC Tomorrow. This video concisely summarizes our perspective of the challenges TV advertising (and subsequently whole TV industry) faces today. Enjoy!

It’s certainly scary times for traditional broadcasters. New technologies are shaking the traditional business model, advertisers are shifting their money online, viewers’ change the ways they consume video content and a whole army of new competitors is forming on the internet getting ready to disrupt the whole industry.

We are absolutely thrilled about this revolution. We believe it will bring a lot of good – more relevant and useful content, more engaged viewers and less of the annoying advertising.

Advertising is a cornerstone of TV – it works well when there are millions of viewers watching a single show but it clearly wouldn’t be sufficient to fund a show with tens of thousands of viewers. Yet we believe that the future of TV is all about these shows. Smaller but much more engaged audiences consuming niche content.

We can’t wait for this future TV to become a reality and seeing that Youtube is too busy trying to replicate the old TV advertising model, we have decided to build the tools for the broadcasters and producers of tomorrow ourselves. We want to empower them with video tools that will bring them closer to their audiences and allow their community to pay back more directly and meaningfully than in the indirect TV advertising model.

We strongly believe there is a way to make a decent profit through video – and I don’t mean just viral comedy sketches and cats videos.