Gamer’s Need to Fight Gaming Journalism

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012|Guest posts|by Sam Watson

I am a nerd. Let’s just get that clear. I love computer games, but I also make sure I get my dose on vitamin D from the sun. New technology means that games are increasingly being able to reflect what we can create in our imagination. Coupled with great story lines, the ability to affect the outcome of the game and online options, I am surprised that not everyone plays games.

However, if I have persuaded you to go out and buy your first X-box with that short paragraph, I would not comfortably guide you to any of the mainstream gaming news and review websites to source the info. This is why I believe that most of the gaming  journalists are in the pockets of PR games industry representatives.

Although I have thought this for a long time, no one cares about my opinion and recently an article was written by a well respected games journalist, damning other games journalists for this reason. So, what a lot of veteran gamers believed was confirmed for indefinitely. Now I won’t recap the whole article, but you can find it here. I will just do a sum up for this little post.

Below is the image that started it all. It’s Geoff Keighley: an industry leader and executive producer of a gaming journalism awards show where friends give awards to other friends. PR people and games journos’ vote for their people to win awards for gaming journalism and most of the time the people deciding the awards and those receiving know each other well … but shouldn’t PR people and games journos’ not be friends?

However they are and this creates a distrustful nature between the gamer and people we should be able to trust for our gaming info.

It is up to the gamers themselves to combat the waves of bullsh**t coming off some mainstream gaming news and review sites.

I was invited to write game reviews for a friends website ( which is being re-launched in the new year. Our mission is to write the truth about gaming, regardless of who developed it.

Sometimes free indie games you can download on the net can be much innovative than a AAA developed games title (cough, cough …Call of Duty).  I write the articles not for money, but because I love games and that’s what I think some of these journalists have lost. They have been caught up in free stuff for tweets and hashtags. Of course, there are still game journalists that have high standards and refuse to play along, but they are told off for doing so by the boss. Some gaming journalists don’t investigate and report like they are meant to. They just regurgitate what the marketing department tells them.

I’ll end on this. Make your own mind up about games and if you want to find reviews about a particular game then find the smaller people because they are more likely to be telling the truth.