A Visit to [Space]

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012|Elexu Live Events, Event|by Sam Watson

Today’s post comes from Elexu intern Yanet who writes about a  visit to one of Space’s events, where she got to meet artists and see some amazing art. Have a read about the fantastic event.

[SPACE]  studios is one of the biggest art spaces provider in Europe opened its door the last weekend to visitors and artists. [SPACE] provides support and resources to artists to make the great art of our day whether that be exhibition space or supplies. [SPACE] provides a platform for creative people to experiment, develop and meet like minded people. Last weekend they decided to host one of their end of year exhibitions and invited Elexu along.



It’s amazing how things can change when you see art in front of you and not just through a picture on the internet, it has a much more powerful impact. An artist’s world is different than the normal world we live day by day. I am told they try to live by emotion and not routine, they have a constant desire to create that drives them. For me  it  was a great experience!  I got to meet different artists,  got introduced to different concepts and styles that I didn’t know existed. Pieces of art had  a number of different effects as you looked on  some gave me  energy, some optimism, others waves of negative emotions but they all gave me waves of creativity. Each studio offered a new experience.

Between brushes and paintings artists were totally open to share their views about art, movements, concepts, similarities  and this made us to get know them a bit better, a great unique experience to see the artists behind the art. Their art was just incredible and if you have the cash they are available to purchase right there, a bit more extra cash and I would have walked out with some serious art. Most of the artists that we met there had exhibitions all around the world and they were continually traveling with their works so many different people get a chance to see their work physically. My favorite quote of the event was  “Art is a parallel stage where the artist connects with himself and this connection is reflected in such as brilliants art pieces, each piece of art had the
artist’s personality infused with it.”


We had the opportunity to meet sculptors and modern technology artists it was very curious walking through lego machines converted in music machines and at the same time could see mini sculptures that were tiny but had so much detail you thought such a feat was impossible… you had to be there to really understand.  I would say it was an excellent experience and I would like to thank artists such as Robert Aberdein (sculptor), Esther Ainsworth (sound artist and Dj) or Endry Kosturí (Painter) who helped me understand their art.

I recommend everyone should try to go to a art gallery at least once because you will never know how you will react when you see a piece of art that has an effect on you. It is a different day out from the regular social activities and can offer a unique experience.

Check out [SPACE] for upcoming events or support for artists at  http://www.spacestudios.org.uk/space.