Elexu Live Lounge

Sunday, December 16th, 2012|Elexu Live Lounge, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

The brainchild of Elexu interns Sam and Elliot, Elexu Live Lounge is an opportunity for all musical artists in the world..as long at you can make it into our Soho offices. You get to perform, get quality video recordings and access to our social media audience.

Our first Elexu live lounge artist Eloise Rees came down and sang a few songs from her upcoming EP, as well as allowing us to interview her. It was a great day, especially for the staff because we got to listen to some awesome music. The videos and song recordings from the lounge will be available soon once the editing monkeys have finished their work.


Come on Down!!

If you would like to come down and perform for elexu live lounge then just get in contact with Sam at sam.watson@elexu.org and just put the subject as “live lounge”. We will do all the filming and editing  all you have to do is perform. All performances will be put on our social media channels and is a great way to generate traffic to your social media sites and awareness of your music. We also like to do a little interview as well which is recorded and made into a video just ready for the internet.

We are open to having all different sorts of musical performers down and we also have some equipment available so just make it clear what you would need in an email.

Contact elexu now.