Elexu Introduction

Thursday, March 29th, 2012|About Elexu|by Amy Bloom

Who we are:
Elexu (pronounced elects-you!) is a Social Interactive Television platform that combines social networking and entertaining reality-TV.  Our concept is based around competitions which will be sponsored by meaningful brands and charities.

What’s in it for you:
Here’s where you come in. In any career path, there will be obstacles: lack of funds, connections and information being a few. So how can we help you? Elexu wants to give you access to what we call the “3 pillars of success”; Capital, Content and Connections.

How it works:
Elexu hosts online interactive competitions that you can enter. Our sponsors create competitions aka “Endowments,” members can then vote for whom they want to win and then, and you guessed it; the prize will be Capital, Content and Connections (remember those 3 pillars from before).

And a bonus:
Membership is free and each member is entitled to one free share, making you not only a member but a shareholder. You get exposure in your chosen field and build up a community of like-minded people and don’t have to pay a penny; it’s a win, win situation.


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