Intern Feature – James: Elexu Internship and What to Do After

Thursday, September 27th, 2012|About Elexu, Advice, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

Today’s post comes from James, an Elexu intern who’s last day was this week. He writes about his experience with Elexu and what he might do next. Good luck James!

I have just completed an internship at Elexu and it has been a blast… that’s right working for pretty much nothing has been a blast. I finished university with an ambition to embark on career in public relations. As with higher level positions today you need some experience, but you can’t get a job to gain experience. I know it’s a vicious circle. I applied and Elexu decided to offer me an internship that would not just be experience to put on the CV, but they vowed to also help me develop my skills further They made it clear to me that when looking for an intern they look at personality, thinking process and potential which is similar to how Google recruits. Grades are just a doorway.

Elexu is an emerging organisation, therefore unlike other internships, this one did not require me get anybody coffee. Instead I had my own responsibilities, tasks, independence. I also really noticed that the work I put in changed the organisation’s progress. Everything I did had an impact.  I heard that if I was in an already well established company, it would take a lot longer to get to this level and have less of an impact. At Elexu, I didn’t feel like an intern. I had little restraint, got support on my ideas and could be creative in a cooperate workplace. Plus, the staff and other interns really made this experience the best it could possibly be.

What’s next? I could try to purse my career in public relations in a period of high youth unemployment or go back to working a retail job which would provide money but it would feel like I was taking a step back. Here is a interesting option 3.

Teach English as a Foreign Language.

I just started a TEFL course; it has taught me that I don’t know English as well as I thought I did. Did you know there are around 20 tenses in the English language? They help you get to a teacher level of English and how to handle a class of eager learners of all different levels. Doing this course gives me the opportunity to see some of the world and learn about different cultures. Not only can I teach them, but they can teach me their language which would give a CV an edge in the future along with the internship. Some options include South Korea, Brazil and Japan.

If you would like to know more about this check out the TEFL Academy website

Good luck new Elexu interns.


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