Elexu Interns Top Ten Tips for Studying Abroad in London

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012|Advice, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

At Elexu we pride ourselves with sharing our knowledge with the wider community. In the Elexu office we have a number of interns that are currently studying abroad at a London university. We though it would be a good idea to write a few tips for the wider community that are inspired by the  lessons they have learnt while being in London.

1) Learn the transport system! Before you come over to London just know that there are many forms of transport in London and that there are so many ticket options it is ridiculous. You may end up buying a ticket and not be able to go through the barriers. Try and find out about getting a travel card while your over here which gives you discounts on many tickets, oysters cards are great if you plan on using the tube a lot. Take you time buying tickets and don’t be afraid to ask the staff, they are there to help. Also if your planning a big trip round London then get a travel card since it covers train, tube and bus. Try to never buy single tickets.

2) English humour: English humour is hard to explain. However if you come over to England and make some English friends expect to have the fun taken out you, it’s just part of the English way. We are sarcastic in the workplace, outside of a work and every other situation. You will just have to get use to it and not take it to heart, also you will have to work out whether people are making fun or being rude because most of the time English people are extremely dry, the difference between happy and average can be small.

3) While you should look up the tourist places such as Leicester square and of course most of the museums are free including the Tate. We recommend that you head to Camden Market with it’s alternative market, Soho with its  vintage music and clothing stores. Don’t be afraid to get lost but if you are going to get lost then do it in Shoreditch, Brixton, Hoxton, Southbank and Hackey which have  a unique side of London to offer. Another little sub tip is to buy a local newspaper or magazine and look in the events section for places to go.

4) Get out of London, London isn’t the only place in England. You can head up to Manchester for some great and cheap partying in the city center, to Brighton for its great night life, Wales for is beautiful scenery and mountains, Cornwall for its surfing and Surrey for Thorpe Park one of the best theme parks in the World. There is so much to see and do, so don’t be afraid to leave the city. If you are really ambitious  then pop on the eurostar and have a look round Paris because its not that far away.

5) The last tip is about finding a house. We recommend that you don’t go through an agency because you run the risk of getting ripped off (some people in the Elexu office have had to deal with this). We recommend websites like Gumtree & Moveflat, just make sure you inspect all areas of the house, don’t rush into anything, read through any bits of paper carefully and always get your deposit back. If a person gives off a strange vibe or won’t let you into a secret room or basement it might be best to look somewhere else.