Elexu Channels are coming

Friday, July 18th, 2014|Elexu Channels|by Martin Zeman

Enjoy the anthem for our Crowdfunding channel by wonderful Ali Spagnola and then read on to find out what we are up to.

There are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s 16 years worth of video uploaded each day. Incredible, isn’t it? But, how much of this content is actually worth watching?

Unfortunately not that much. To find something really good to watch on Youtube is quite time consuming and often painful. But there are some absolute gems in the vast field of mediocre content and that’s why we are introducing Elexu channels.

We are searching high and digging deep for the best videos in selected areas and bringing them together to help people who would love to watch this amazing content but don’t have enough time to spend searching for these videos themselves.

However we are going beyond the curation. We will enhance the videos, in collaboration with their owners, with engaging interactive elements to make it even more entertaining and rewarding to watch. This is a win-win situation as this will also reward the video content owners – help them actively grow their group of followers, increase engagement with their community and we believe turn some of the viewers into potential customers.

This is the start of our journey to disrupt the long established business model of video – selling viewers’ eyeballs to advertisers. We are on a mission of replacing this model with a more direct, honest and transparent relationship between the video content owner and the viewer.

One of our pilot channels will be a channel showcasing the best Crowdfunding How-To videos to help people learn from others’ mistakes and best practices so they can succeed with their own campaigns.

We are looking for partners who share a similar goal, to help more people succeed with their crowdfunding campaigns (crowdfunding experts and bloggers, crowdfunding platforms, knowledge platforms, etc.) – we see a lot of potential here to make a lot of good – if you like the idea let me know and let’s make a splash together.