Don’t Forget to Look with Your Eyes

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012|Advice, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

Something terrible has happened this week to me. My laptop’s hard disk had an error and after a computer experts attempts at repair’ I was told like a person waiting to hear bad results from a doctor that it was beyond repair. The only way to get the data was £200 magnetic reading which I will have to save up for. However this got me thinking about a few issues about the way we live our lives, let the revelation being!!

Firstly’ back up your files because you always have that mentality that it will not happen to you’ but it does and you will cry. I recommend Dropbox which can save files online like Google drive. However’ I came to realise that three years of my life existed on the laptop which contained all the work I completed for my degree, etc. Modern humans can literally document our entire lives on a computer from work to pictures of what people have for dinner on Facebook. I do not know if this is sad or awesome. What do you think?  Sometimes I think we should get away from technology because at the end of the day, you don’t want to say that I spent most of my time looking at a screen. When you don’t have to spend time on a computer, you then go and do some stuff away from a screen such as rock climbing, painting or anything you fancy having a go at.

This leads me to my next point which can be better explained by an experience had when the Olympic torch passed by Oxford Street and everyone had their phones out recording or taking pictures, including myself. As it went past I was looking at the torch through my camera and I realised that I should probably see this with my eye and not though a screen. Did anyone actually see the torch with their eyes? Or just through the visual screen of an electronic device.

Some things are just so much better to be in the moment with that memory watching with your eyes, because your eyes are so much more powerful than a camera and also the memory of the experience will be more powerful because it’s your own and you weren’t spending the time fumbling for a camera. Just enjoy the moment!!