Do What You Love!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012|Interviews|by David Young

Elexu blog is a lot about sharing insights and advice. The most relevant insights often don’t come from seasoned veterans but instead from someone who is very much like us, someone we can easily relate to. That’s why we love interviewing emerging artists, young entrepreneurs or like today recent graduate – please meet Kathryn.

David: Tell me a bit about yourself.

Kathryn: I’m a recent SHSU graduate. I currently work at YMCA in Houston. I spend most of my free time at home playing with my 3 dogs.

David: What are you aspiring to do now that you have graduated?

Kathryn: Now that I have finished college I have lots that I want to do, and it’s hard to find a good place to start. I hope to eventually become a physical trainer and rehabilitation professional for people who have gone through extreme situations. I hope to learn lots while I am here with the YMCA that may help me in the future

David: What was it that made you decide you wanted to do Physical Training?

Kathryn: I have tried lots of different things, and never really found that I enjoyed anything as much as I did going to the gym with my friends. So I thought, “what if I could do this for a living?” Wouldn’t that be awesome?” So I decided to give it a shot and I have been loving it. I have never regretted choosing this yet.

David: What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Kathryn: My biggest challenge was finding what I wanted to do. I have had difficulty in the past with all my friends seeming like they had some exact plan and I was lost. The key is to find something you love, and learn how people need this. If you love doing something, you’ll do a better job at it, and work will come naturally to you.

David: Elexu’s three pillars are content, capital, and connections. How do you think these things could help you?

Kathryn: I believe that connections are the most important thing for anyone who is looking to expand their career. In any sort of work, there will always be a need for help from others. Connections will make this much easier, and I believe people genuinely want to help others, they just don’t know who to help. A company like Elexu could really help people like me meet the connections that could help me.