Creative Live 2 (Plus 1/2 Price Drinks)!

Thursday, November 1st, 2012|Elexu Live Events, Event|by Sam Watson

Someone in my family is trying to make it in the music industry as a singer/songwriter. She has gone to all the proper schools and has had the training. Also, she is talented (just thought I would mention that). Once, we were having a family reunion and we ended up having a karaoke night. Of course, she went first and no one wanted to follow what she belted out. It would be like going from steak to a mad cow disease burger if I sang.

Anyway, she is now singing in London trying to get her songs out there to an audience, but it is extremely hard competing with the other thousands of hopefuls trying to make it. So Elexu thought “we want to be a part of connecting artists to their audience, but not just the musicians – everyone in the creative world.” So we created Elexu Creative Live which is an event for any type of performer, so that we can help people on their journey. Plus, we also get to have a good time in a bar.

Creative Live 2 is happening and we need your help to make it a success for everyone. If you have some free time on your hands on the 15th of November, then pop down to the Verve Bar in Covent Garden from 6:00 till late for a night of live music, art, and films. You will be helping to support the performers of the night by being there and seeing what they have to offer Also, there is a bar, so a few drinks with your friends isn’t a bad idea.

It’s free if you RSVP to (code CRE8LIV2). Come down for a fantastic night of entertainment and meet some like-minded individuals. Also ½ price drinks and food up to 8:00pm so a cheap night out in London for all you students and other interns.

Make sure you RSVP or else its £2 entry, please include when you RSVP:


-Email Address

-VIP access code CRE8LIVE2

-Biggest aspiration

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