Thursday, April 19th, 2012|About Elexu|by Amy Bloom

Connections are an essential part of any aspiration and establishing a network of other passionate people and industry professionals. This is something Elexu is looking to give our members through our exciting and interactive platform.

If you’ve ever had a great idea or dream but just haven’t had the right people or network to make it happen, you’ll understand why Connections is one of our Pillars of Success along with Capital ($) and Content (info). Getting the right connections in place is an essential part of any aspiration or dream. Establishing this network of fellow aspirants, industry professionals and fans makes all the difference.

The key to building a strong network is one’s activity. The more active you are, the more visibility you get, and this is what will in turn attract more followers. Now we understand that there are already social networks in place that do this, but most platforms focus strictly on a specific industry (example: a platform for graphic artists where there are only the artists, platform for entrepreneurs with only entrepreneurs there). Elexu recognizes that what aspirants really need is the connection with viewers – potential fans, supporters, and industry/brand professionals – and that’s what we plan to do better than anyone else – utilizing Online Competitions and Social Interactive TV platform.

While we prepare to launch the fully equipped live site, we are building our community on our social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here you can begin connecting with one another and through joining us there, you could potentially be invited to Elexu’s invitation-only beta test.

As always, Elexu is here to empower you and Connections are one of the ways we look to do that. For now, check out: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and more to come! And remember, it only takes 5 minutes to send a tweet and reach out to find the right connections!