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Today’s post is going to be a bit different from the normal rants and ravings of the elexu community/staff, but rather it is going to be about what is happening in the next few months with Elexu. We have a few new events and competitions will be important to you. This blog post will be constantly updating with new information about the lists events so keep checking back.

Style it Soho (Available to enter now) - The first phase of Style it Soho was a huge success bringing together budding models, stylists and photographers to set up photo shoots around Soho to compete for a fashion swag bag.  Here is the official description of the competition:

“Style It Soho is a fashion competition aimed at giving creatives in the fashion field the opportunity to interpret the visuals of a number of stores in the Soho area as well as the outdoors of the Soho environment through a single photograph.”

We are entering phase two which you can be a part of. We want to have another shoot day, so get involved if you want to be in front or behind the camera and show off your talent. Not only could you win a prize, but you will also meet new contacts which is fantastic because in this business it is about who you know. Further, this will be great to add to your portfolio.  Read more »

A Visit to [Space]

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Today’s post comes from Elexu intern Yanet who writes about a  visit to one of Space’s events, where she got to meet artists and see some amazing art. Have a read about the fantastic event.

[SPACE]  studios is one of the biggest art spaces provider in Europe opened its door the last weekend to visitors and artists. [SPACE] provides support and resources to artists to make the great art of our day whether that be exhibition space or supplies. [SPACE] provides a platform for creative people to experiment, develop and meet like minded people. Last weekend they decided to host one of their end of year exhibitions and invited Elexu along.



It’s amazing how things can change when you see art in front of you and not just through a picture on the internet, it has a much more powerful impact. An artist’s world is different than the normal world we live day by day. I am told they try to live by emotion and not routine, they have a constant desire to create that drives them. For me  it  was a great experience!  I got to meet different artists,  got introduced to different concepts and styles that I didn’t know existed. Pieces of art had  a number of different effects as you looked on  some gave me  energy, some optimism, others waves of negative emotions but they all gave me waves of creativity. Each studio offered a new experience.

Between brushes and paintings artists were totally open to share their views about art, movements, concepts, similarities  and this made us to get know them a bit better, a great unique experience to see the artists behind the art. Their art was just incredible and if you have the cash they are available to purchase right there, a bit more extra cash and I would have walked out with some serious art. Most of the artists that we met there had exhibitions all around the world and they were continually traveling with their works so many different people get a chance to see their work physically. My favorite quote of the event was  “Art is a parallel stage where the artist connects with himself and this connection is reflected in such as brilliants art pieces, each piece of art had the
artist’s personality infused with it.”


We had the opportunity to meet sculptors and modern technology artists it was very curious walking through lego machines converted in music machines and at the same time could see mini sculptures that were tiny but had so much detail you thought such a feat was impossible… you had to be there to really understand.  I would say it was an excellent experience and I would like to thank artists such as Robert Aberdein (sculptor), Esther Ainsworth (sound artist and Dj) or Endry Kosturí (Painter) who helped me understand their art.

I recommend everyone should try to go to a art gallery at least once because you will never know how you will react when you see a piece of art that has an effect on you. It is a different day out from the regular social activities and can offer a unique experience.

Check out [SPACE] for upcoming events or support for artists at



Style it Soho

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Today’s post comes from Tanya who writes about the first event for Elexu competition “Style it Soho”. Read about the inspiring participants and how to take part in the event.

2012 has been an unforgettable year for London we have seen  fantastic sporting talent but now we are seeing the fashion talent that London has to offer during fashion week. We have astonishingly creative people working in the capital, bringing energy and ideas as well as generating business. Over just a few days fashion week showcases Britain’s best fashion designers, puts London’s creative industries on the front pages and brings in over £100 million pounds worth of orders alone. The international press are attending from 42 countries to illuminate 62 catwalk shows and 20 presentations to take place over five days. Dress smart.

Well Elexu has got caught up in the fashion spirit and is currently holding a competition for the visually creative in the fashion field giving young stylists, models, photographers and  fashion bloggers the opportunity to showcase their talent and meet similarly-minded fashion-forward young people.

The ongoing competitions first date was inspiring! Many well-known retail, dining and entertainment establishments, including Aqua Spirit London and Vintage Magazine Shop,  graciously donated their locations in the fashion hub that is Soho. Stylists brought their makeup and clothes, aspiring models brought their bodies and photographers brought their camera to create a number of unique photo shoot opportunities to show off the talent that they have.

This fantastic event provides a young people with the chance to mingle with one another and build connections for the future. They were able to work together with the resources they may not be able to access normally and with Elexu’s help we were able to create a great opportunity and showcase their talent. The event was charged with energy and creation and it was inspiring to watch the participants do what they love. They were all very talented and I look forward to the second event day for Style it Soho which you can be a part of!


Do you picture yourself running show at a catwalk? Modelling on the runway? Or being that influential fashion blogger who decides what hot and what’s not? If yes to one of these, enter Elexu’s STYLE IT SOHO competition for the chance to win some fashion swag and be ready for future fashion competitions.

For full details, just join the Elexu community at Use VIP access code STYLEIT1 to fast-track your request.

My Day At the Notting Hill Carnival

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Today’s post comes from Elexu intern Hernan who talks about his first visit to the Carnival. Elexu loves events that showcase culture and creativity; we recommend all of the Elexu community check it out next year.

As a native Spaniard this was my first time at the Carnival, I was curious about what could I find. Would it be as good as I heard? Would it be a bluff? Would the beer be as expensive as I was told? Would I die under thousands of dancing shoes?

Let´s just say mission accomplished (except for the whole dying under a thousand shoes..I was only injured under a few hundred).

The Notting Hill Carnival (or as I was told to refer to it, “the Carnival”…because its cool) has been held every year since 1965, attracting around a million people in the past years, making it one of the largest street festivals in the world and the perfect place to be on a weekend if you don´t have to fold shirts in a retail store, serve food in McDonalds or attend to some other job which doesn´t respect your bank holidays.

Part of the Trinis (Trinidad and Tobago party truck)

I went there on Monday “the real wild day” according to my English friends. Within 10 minutes I was invited to dance with some Hare Krishna’s, they had a board with their song lyrics so you could follow along and complete strangers were dancing around in a circle trying to stay in rhythm. Complete chaos and joy.

The good mood was floating in the air, mixing with the smell of barbecue and the noise of different music waiting for us at the end of all those endless crowded roads, and even the English summer weather was willing to collaborate, and for once (don´t get used to it) it was August and it didn´t rain. That’s what I call organization.

If there is something that I wasn´t expecting was probably the fact of having little concerts every three off licenses, which was really cool and kept us dancing from beat to beat like a bee from flower to flower, until our steps brought us to the BIG stuff. Which means a haemorrhage of dancing, happy and noisy people boiling in one of the main streets as well as themed party trucks driving around fuelling the chaos of the street party. I´m not really sure what one of the trucks performers were singing, but  they asked if there was someone from Jamaica and the entire street raised their hands. I can swear that in that moment I was definitely from Jamaica (Say “beer can” and you sound like you’re saying bacon in a Jamaican accent…go on try it).

It was a great time! Perhaps not really for that lady with the video camera, threatening with calling the police to all the people who used her house´s walls as a bathroom. However there was happiness in the air, slapping you in the face and making you smile even if you didn´t want to. For the   few streets I travelled down all the good you can find in this city was on display shinning like a rare flower that you can find only in very special occasions. It could sound cheesy, but if you were there you would understand what I mean.

And yes, it was as awesome as expected. And yes, I´m coming back next year.

Not really sure what this is... a bird.

Elexu Creative Live!

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Part of Elexu’s mission is to not only create a virtual community, but help to provide environments for physical communities to meet, connect, and inspire. We will be hosting Elexu Live (free) events to help each community get plugged in. So to kick things off we will be hosting a creative community event on the 24th July!

This first event will be hosted in London at Via in Canary Wharf.

So if you or anyone you know would like to come down to mix with a creative community and find out a bit more about Elexu, then come visit us for a night of great entertainment! There will also be a free raffle on the night one lucky attendee will win two tickets for a trip up the Shard (Europe’s tallest building)!

Entertainment will include:
Live Music; bands and acoustic acts.
Spoken Word Poetry.
Live Drawing.
Short Films.

Feel free to share this invite with your friends! To find out more and RSVP check out our Facebook event page.