Net The Bed – The Mitch Daniels Band live

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After 12+ months planning this charity gig, finally the Mitch Daniels Band reached the long awaited day:Net The Bed!

Here’s a post written by Mitch for us about their performance at the O2 Academy2 Islington, and a follow up about the results the band reached through this charity gig.


A one night only show performed by The Mitch Daniels Band on Friday 18th October 2013 at the O2 Academy2 Islington


We had been planning Net The Bed all year and it was a major project for us, so when the day finally came around there was a mixture of emotions amongst the band from excited to stressed and plain exhaustion!

Once the stage was set however, the doors opened, the room started to fill up and all those feelings then turned into nervous excitement and energy. The room was buzzing when we came on stage, it felt incredible and we were absolutely blown away by the turnout and the response we got.

In total we raised £900.00, enough for 180 mosquito nets, all of which went directly to the charity Malaria No More UK which specialises in Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN’s) which have insecticide impregnated into the fabric of the net so it does not wash out. They work to save lives by investing in prevention, diagnosis and treatment and so far it has distributed over 5 million nets and is part a global effort that has seen a significant drop in deaths from malaria by 26% since 2000.

We now hope to build on what we have achieved and perhaps make #NetTheBed an annual event.

Once again, we cannot thank everyone enough for the support. To those who came, and to all those who contributed but couldn’t make it, thank you. It was a really great night!

Author: Mitch Daniel

Behind the scenes of the Live Lounge with Robert James Selby

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Robert James Selby & Nate Maingard

This week’s Live Lounge was calm and relaxing, totally mellow!

Robert has such soul in his voice and the reasons behind each song was mesmerizing. To make this event a day to remember all Robert brought along was himself, his guitar and his harmonica, and that was all he needed!

Robert James Selby prepped his vocals, whilst finely tuning his guitar and in the meantime Nate Maingard was getting cosy and comfortable on the sofa in his stripy socks. The atmosphere before and even after the event was smooth and down to earth. Robert wasn’t nervous one bit, not a sweat in sight! Although that must explain, how his musical talent also comes across as folksy yet realistic.

Usually, behind the scenes you would find out quirks about the artist, but Robert James Selby presented his true colors behind the scene and on the scene of Live Lounge.

He was one down to earth, talented artist!

If you missed the Live Lounge, watch it here:


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Rock Band Vs Vampires: a feature film written and directed by Malcolm Galloway

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Comedy Horror Movie

A great passion for music, past experience as music journalist, and an innate multitasking personality. This explosive mix led to Malcolm Galloway’s comedy horror feature film Rock Band Vs Vampires.

Malcolm, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, is the driving force behind rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate. He has previously made  a few short films and performed in the London 2012 48 Hour Music Video competition runner’s up prize winning While I Still Can. Rock Band Vs Vampire is his first feature movie in which he is the scriptwriter, director, and one of the producers and actors at the same time!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet with Malcolm at the Belsize Park Station in Camden to talk about his new project.


A. “Hi Malcolm! Tell us about this movie. What’s the storyline of the movie?”

M. “It’s the story of Jeremiah Winterford, an old-school vampire whose mansion has been burned down and most of his clan killed by a rival. After these tragedies he is persuaded to move to Camden, the heart of the music scene in London, to rebuild his entourage. A local unsuccessful rock band, Sorcerer’s Tower is invited to play at the re-opening night of Angelfish, a Camden music venue now under new management…”

A. “Where the idea come from, and where did you get your inspiration?”

M. ”I don’t remember exactly why I picked vampires. In June 2013 I suggested the idea of a comedy-horror story about an unsuccessful rock band caught up in the middle of a vampire feud to some of my colleagues, and the reaction was so encouraging that a couple of weeks later I had a first draft to share. A lot of the story is quite autobiographical. Except the bits with vampires. Edgar Wright’s films are also an inspiration.”

A. “How things are going and what will be next steps?”

M. We’ve just starting filming, and so far it’s going extremely well. We’ve got two scenes filmed on schedule so far, and three more scenes coming up this weekend. We plan to finish principal photography by the end of this year, and it should be out in time for Halloween 2014.

I really would love to have the possibilities to give back to each member of the crew a physical DVD with the movie. You know, digital version is fine; but having it physical, it’s another thing!”

A. “Are there any celebrities among the actors?”

M. There are a lot of people who worked or are working in the movie field, and we were delighted that Gyles Brandreth, writer, broadcaster, and former member of parliament, joined us for a cameo scene! We’ve also got the former model and scream queen Dani Thompson in a major role. We’ve some other surprises to announce soon.”

A. “How are you managing the costs to record and produce the movie?”

M.Rock band Vs Vampires is an extra low-budget comedy-horror feature film produced with the help of over 200 volunteers. it has been inspiring that so many people want to get involved to try to help make the project happen. I’m incredibly grateful to my colleagues, who bring with them such a range of skills, experience and talent. I’m also extremely grateful to the businesses that have supported us by providing their locations for filming (including the Zigfrid Von Underbelly in Hoxton, the Underworld in Camden, The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, and Curry Manjill in Belsize Park as well as friends offering their homes.) and the Goltic Shop for their support with costumes.

We’re also putting on a fundraiser for the film at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden on Halloween, where there will be featuring performances by Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate (the film will feature music our debut album Invisible) and others involved in the film. We’re also very grateful to those who’ve supported our Indiegogo Campaign.


Thanks to Malcolm Galloway for the nice chat while walking on the amazing Hampstead Park!

Don’t miss the fundraising gig for Halloween in Camden Town…it’s gonna be terribly fantastic!!!


Author: @AlicePodenzana



Update from the Summer: Elexu Live Lounge

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At Elexu office the summer has been busy, and we’ve received a lot of amazing visits!

For who missed the past episodes of the Live Lounge, we hosted some young artists who surprised us for their music, voices, art, well, for their natural talents!

We would like to use this space to say thanks again to everyone for coming and sharing with the Elexu Team and Elexu Community these wonderful talents. So thanks to Lukas Johne, Peppermint Duo, Antiqu’e, Tom Staniford and Sarah Berresford, alias Oh Sister!


 Lukas Johne

Peppermint Duo

 Peppermint Duo




Tom Staniford with our host, Nate Maingard


Oh Sister during the PreView of our new product iVO 

If you want to watch their performance at the Elexu Live lounge, visit the Elexu page on YouTube or on Facebook!

…New artists & Live Lounge are coming soon!

Elexu Team


Visit to ‘The Other Art Fair’

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Over the weekend of the 25th-28th of April 2013, The Other Art Fair took place at London. The Other Art Fair serves as a platform for undiscovered artists to independently showcase their work to gallerists, curators, critics and collectors. The four days provided artists not just to sell their work, but also to evaluate the reaction of the public to their pieces and build contacts for future collaborations.

The Other Art Fair not only helps artists during the four day fair but throughout the year. They support artists through free seminars and workshops, provide opportunity to sell online and connect individuals with companies and associations. Through the connection with The Other Art Fair, artists have been able to gain work with galleries in London, Paris, New York and Berlin.

One of the greatest advantages of visiting The Other Art Fair was the interaction with various artists. One gets to discuss the art pieces with the artists like finding the meaning behind them or understanding the different techniques used in the creation processes.

When visiting The Other Art Fair, I found a number of talented artists showing all different forms of art that were on display, making it an interesting environment. All of the artists were more than happy to talk about their pieces and what their inspirations were. I enjoyed the personal conversation about the artists and their background. Their conversations gave me a greater appreciation for their work. Also, I thought it was nice that they had an area where children were able to go and create different crafts.


The top 5 artists that I found are:

1) Rachel Ann Stevenson who had amazing statues that were a combination of realistic yet abstract characteristics. The pieces had a sense of darkness yet were beautiful at the same time, which is what really drew my interest. My favorite piece of work that was displayed was a man who was wearing a top hat with bunny ears. To me the piece had a very elegant appearance and reminded me of a ballet dancer.

2) Cat Soubbotnik with amazing photographs. They were many normal objects that she was able to add a distinct and interesting twist  to.

3) Nigel Moores with beautiful paintings. His work was very deep and made me look at all aspects of the painting. His work was more abstract than some of the other artists, which made him unique and hence his art stood out from others.

4) Urbantag with beautiful and artistic photographs. His pictures were very moving and made you think deeper into what was actually being photographed. I liked his use of different flags shown in the photographs.

5) The Family Business had very talented artists doing live tattooing. This was interesting because the artist must be able to create an image that someone else is imagining. The work shown at this station was all very neat and clean. Some of the tattoos that were on display looked very realistic and looked more like a painting than a typical tattoo.

Creative Live Promo Video

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Elexu’s third Creative Live was perhaps the best we have hosted and we thank you for being part of it. We had a great range of musicians from the soulful Alba & Maggie all the way to the beats of DJ Sai at the end of the night.  We also had Owin Media running the creative photo booth which produced some of the best photo’s of the night and they also played a short film on a projector….music, film and photography…Creative Live has got it all!



Musicians of Creative Live 3

Alba & Maggie


The Ignition Boys

DJ Sai





‘Breaking All the Rules’ with The Ignition Boys

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One afternoon in January Elexu interviewed The Ignition Boys, a 5 piece band from five different cultures and backgrounds joined together to create music. We got to talk to them about the band and there upcoming album breaking all the rules which is due for release later in the year.

Part 1

Part 2

TIB are performing at Elexu Creative Live on 23/02/2013. Come down for a great night of music,

photography and films. Just click here for all the details and get your discounted VIP ticket.

The Perfect Gentleman

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Elexu was lucky enough to land an interview with serial entrepreneur Zach Falconer-Barfield the mastermind being the Perfect Gentleman experience. The Perfect Gentleman course is designed to teach you how to be a gentleman which will give you an advantage in your professional, personal and love life. Details about how to attend the course are below but first here is the interview:

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

The core of being a Gentleman is all about Respect; Style; the Commons of Manners, Courtesy, Decency and Sense; and lastly but not least Chivalry. The “Gentleman” is an ideal that lasted over 700 years and it worked.  However, it has faded over the last 80 years, the skills unfortunately are not being taught by anyone anymore and we believe that they could make the world a much better place.

How does being a gentleman help with your career?

In business and your career, people do business with and hire people not just their CVs nor track record, therefore being considered a “gentleman” champions a set of values and skills which gives you the edge.

For example, “First impressions count”, if you walk into an interview; a business meeting or any similar situation and you’re a stylishly and smartly dressed, quietly confident and courteous that alone will increase your standing and your chances of success.

It is the intangibles that make all the difference, knowing how to work the room and how to make small talk; knowing which glass to use at an important business dinner, knowing what gift ‘not’ to bring to your Chinese host.  These are all the skills that are not taught at that top flight business school or graduate programme.

Benefits in other aspects of life?
Benefits can be found everywhere in life with being a gentleman, but I suppose one key area is in romance and relationships. Through being that gentleman and re-discovering the lost art of wooing and romance, he can sweep the lady off her feet and BE her Prince Charming.

What was the reason for starting these events and the movement of teaching others how to be a Gentleman?

Two reasons started me on the path for launching the Perfect Gentleman.

Firstly, a very good female friend of mine asked me to teach her then boyfriend to be more like me, a gentleman. Very flattered, I laughed it off but when 3 other female friends of mine said similar things over a short period of time, I thought there must be something to it.

Secondly, I was becoming more and more fed up with the lack of manners that people displayed, for example the absence of basic pleases and thank yous.

I discovered, that these things are not being taught anymore: schools don’t;  it has dropped of the busy parents list of ‘to dos’; nor is there a finishing school for men in the world. So we thought we had better start one and we are hugely excited by the response.

Is there a specific moment where being gentleman gave you the advantage and someone not being a gentleman a disadvantage?

Many moments come to mind, but one that I think illustrates the point well was when I attended an exclusive, invite only, cocktail party a few years ago.  I was engaged in conversation with a group of people and one man in the group was bragging and being crass, I took it upon myself to a steer both the conversation and him away from the group and once I had deposited him at the bar returned to the group. One of the people from the group found me sometime later and awarded my company a lucrative contract.  When I asked the person why, they said it was because of my gentlemanly conduct that night.  (I subsequently discovered that the “crass man” was actually in line for the contract.)

Do you ever take off the gentleman persona? 

It is not a persona.  A Gentleman is who you are, or indeed rather who you choose to become. It is an intrinsic part of you, therefore how cannot you ‘take it off”.


The Perfect Gentleman Course  12th & 13th of January 

True Gentlemen are not born they are made

These 2 Days will give you all the skills to make you that man

The skills we teach include:

  • Mind-set & Confidence
  • The Art of Being Well Groomed
  • The Ability to Dress with Style
  • Learn Excellent Manners & Etiquette
  • The Lost Art of Wooing & Romance
  • Developing Business Relationships

Click on the heading to find out all about the perfect gentleman event.



Creative Live 2 (Plus 1/2 Price Drinks)!

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Someone in my family is trying to make it in the music industry as a singer/songwriter. She has gone to all the proper schools and has had the training. Also, she is talented (just thought I would mention that). Once, we were having a family reunion and we ended up having a karaoke night. Of course, she went first and no one wanted to follow what she belted out. It would be like going from steak to a mad cow disease burger if I sang.

Anyway, she is now singing in London trying to get her songs out there to an audience, but it is extremely hard competing with the other thousands of hopefuls trying to make it. So Elexu thought “we want to be a part of connecting artists to their audience, but not just the musicians – everyone in the creative world.” So we created Elexu Creative Live which is an event for any type of performer, so that we can help people on their journey. Plus, we also get to have a good time in a bar.

Creative Live 2 is happening and we need your help to make it a success for everyone. If you have some free time on your hands on the 15th of November, then pop down to the Verve Bar in Covent Garden from 6:00 till late for a night of live music, art, and films. You will be helping to support the performers of the night by being there and seeing what they have to offer Also, there is a bar, so a few drinks with your friends isn’t a bad idea.

It’s free if you RSVP to (code CRE8LIV2). Come down for a fantastic night of entertainment and meet some like-minded individuals. Also ½ price drinks and food up to 8:00pm so a cheap night out in London for all you students and other interns.

Make sure you RSVP or else its £2 entry, please include when you RSVP:


-Email Address

-VIP access code CRE8LIVE2

-Biggest aspiration

Check out the blog from the first Creative Live Event Here.


Secret London Competition

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Today’s post is for the Elexu community and anyone that potentially wants to be an Elexu community member of which you are all welcome to be. We are launching the Elexu competition, “Secret London,” the brain child of Elexu Intern Hernan (or nicknamed Nano).

London is a place of hidden corners. Most people who live in London have secret places that they like to go to that tourists doesn’t know about.  A great way of describing London was said by fellow Intern Omenya:

“London is great because you can have  no destination and still end up somewhere fantastic and unique, is is a city unlike know other. From the eccentric clubs of Soho to the colour full stalls of Camden. I love meeting strangers and randomly having a chat. One of my secret spots is Northwick Park where I like to go for moments of clam thinking and reminiscing.  It’s a green place in a busy city.”

Since I am sharing somebody else’s secret place, I thought I would share my own. Mine is the Hobgoblin, a rock bar in the middle of a place full of typical clubs that plays music that I don’t care for. It has band nights, a pool table, an imitate  garden cut off from the street and really comfy couches to chill out on. A great place to chill out with friends. I really must trying going somewhere without a destination sounds like a idea.

So lets get to the competition. All you have to do is submit a picture of your secret London hideaway to our platform with a small paragraph  (up to 100 words) explaining why it’s special to you and you will be in the running for the prize. To enter please join the Elexu platform at and use VIP code SCRTLDN1.   

What do you get for telling the Elexu Community your secrets? The best submission will win two tickets to the acclaimed production of Loserville. Good Luck! If you have any questions please either write in the comments section or contact us at .