Behind the Scenes of the Elexu Live Lounge with our very own Nate Maingard!

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Where to begin…

This weeks the #ElexuLiveLounge was an experience words cannot describe! In the sense that it was soo relaxing, that everyone made themselves feel at home, aside the tech team in the background, who were slowly losing their marbles.

The atmosphere had a positive vibe and the afternoon felt soulful and pleasantly refreshing!

 2013-12-03 16.32.16

This week our usual host was the guest of the show, Nate Maingard, with Roaman taking over Nate’s place.

These two couldn’t have been paired with anyone better! Both musicians were talking before the Live Lounge and after the Live Lounge, constant chatter! Which in fact made the event more entertaining.

The Live Lounge finished, and we still got them on camera expressing their love for one another’s style or shoes, or life or music. But I have to admit, that’s the beauty of someone’s personality, their openness and love makes you love them for who they are!

Just like Nate said “I’m a hopeful romantic, being romantic is a real possibility, as life is more enjoyable that way!


Nate’s concept of how he lives life, is inspirational and to some of us out there, relatable. Sometimes it’s nice hear & see someone who is reaching out to those who aren’t able to express themselves. His whole aura oozes of endearment and nourishing others with his vast knowledge of enhancing one’s life.

I’ve always been a big believer in living my life by taking an ethical & honest approach. And some people in my life haven’t been so understanding or supportive of my choices, but after listening to Nate talk with Roaman, I’m starting to believe that ‘If this is how I want to live, then so be it! No-one else’s opinion should matter if I want to make sure I don’t leave a misguided footprint in this life’ Enough about me, back to Nate!

2013-12-03 16.36.59

Everyone at Elexu hopes that Nate Maingard does get to travel the world and sail all the seven seas! Because his talent isn’t just with his voice or guitar, it’s everything else about him that makes him fascinating and beautiful. We hope your new EP ‘In the Shadows’ (which you all should check out!) is a great success.

I luckily received his EP as  a farewell gift and the tracks on there are amazing! It immediately touches your heart and puts you in a musical trance. No doubt Nate and Roaman will be legendary!

So this weeks Live Lounge was certainly an event I will always remember! Surrounded by artists who shine at what they pour their heart into and loving people. Keep checking out Elexu Live Lounge for upcoming talented musicians!


Till the 17th of December at 4.30pm, it’s time to bid adieu to you all!


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Elexu Creative Live Fan Challenge winner is…..

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Vincent Cui!!!


For all those who are wondering what we are talking about, here it is!

Vincent receiving his award

Creative Live 3 finished with a bang on the 23rd of February 2013 at The Social, Oxford Circus. Check out the teaser video of our event of that night – To make the event more peppy and competitive, we decided to conduct a challenge for our artists, who were performing on that day. Participants who were set for the challenge were band Mercia, singer Alba, boy band The Ignition Boys, photographers Vincent Cui, Thomas Sergeant and Shure Yu!

The competition started a few weeks before our Creative Live Event and it was simple. All our artists had to do was bring in their supporters to the event and whoever brought in the largest number, bags an exciting prize! Now, isn’t that fun?!

It was a close competition considering the fan following our artists have but we can have just one winner! And our winner, Vincent Cui, walked away with an ‘’artsy’’ prize. Vincent is now a proud owner of a National Art Pass for a year! What more? He gets good discounts at major exhibitions, free entry to over 200 museums, galleries and historic houses and become a member of the Art Fund, who help museums and galleries all over the UK to buy great art! Now that’s what we call, being a ‘responsible artist’! Great going, Vincent!

Brief on our visual artist, Vincent Cui.

Born October 31, 1980 in Beijing, China, Vincent currently lives and works in London.

From a young age Vincent Cui has been interested in a variety of art forms. His first inspirations came from the deep rooted traditions of Chinese culture found in his home town of Beijing. In his early teens he learned to play guitar and in high school built his own rock band. Whilst exploring different media throughout his teens he has learnt sound engineering, mastered recording technology and joined this together with a passion for photography.

Gaining industry experience within the documentary department of BTV strengthened his knowledge and skills within Journalism, Directing and Editorial positions.

In 2006 he created his own photography business, opening his own studio and worked commercially for major magazines and brands. In 2009 he came to London to study MA Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. After graduating, he started up Vincent Cui Studio in East London and has since showcased a proven ability to deliver outstanding photographic projects.

Vincent’s work showcased during Creative Live was the Green Smoke collection and a short film named ‘Sleepwalking’.

Creative Live Promo Video

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Elexu’s third Creative Live was perhaps the best we have hosted and we thank you for being part of it. We had a great range of musicians from the soulful Alba & Maggie all the way to the beats of DJ Sai at the end of the night.  We also had Owin Media running the creative photo booth which produced some of the best photo’s of the night and they also played a short film on a projector….music, film and photography…Creative Live has got it all!



Musicians of Creative Live 3

Alba & Maggie


The Ignition Boys

DJ Sai





Creative Live 2!

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As you walked down the stairs of the Verve Bar, the sounds of generic club music started to escape your ears and was replaced by the waves of original live music being played on an acoustic guitar or the chaotic flow of a rock band in full swing. All this alongside the undercurrent of jovial conversation of people meeting each other. This was Creative live 2 and it was awesome.

Creative Live 2 happened and like the first one, it was a success after a bit of messing around with the PA system…which cable where? Eventually we will master the PA systems mystical unknown. After about three hours of interns setting up the venue and using a lot of duct tape, the event was ready. At 6:00pm the doors opened to the public and over 75 people crammed into the Verve underground venue.

The Elexu staff set up an Elexu booth where you could find out all about Elexu, a stage where the acts performed, a film room, aspiration throne (see picture below), photographer walls and of course made sure everyone knew that it was half price drinks ’till 8:00pm. All these these things alongside the performers helped make Creative Live 2 a great night full of atmosphere.

The Elexu staff had set up an Elexu booth where you could find out all about Elexu, a stage where the acts performed, a film room, aspiration throne (see picture below), photographer walls and of course there was a bar.

We had a number of unique act ranging from the awesome music of The Stacks, to the soft hum of Eloise Rees or the dark words of Gul Davis. We like to say a massive thank you to the performers, you made the night what it was.

Oliver Young- Folk singer

The Stacks- Band

Colourshop- Band

Will Berman- Film maker

Derrick Kakembo- Photographer

Oliver Bud- Acoustic Singer

Eloise Rees- Acoustic Singer

Eskah LaBelle- Singer

Gul Davis- Spoken Word

Tiffany Phan- Photographer

Mohammed Musa Ayyad- Photographer

Hsienming Ng- Photographer



Creative Live 2 (Plus 1/2 Price Drinks)!

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Someone in my family is trying to make it in the music industry as a singer/songwriter. She has gone to all the proper schools and has had the training. Also, she is talented (just thought I would mention that). Once, we were having a family reunion and we ended up having a karaoke night. Of course, she went first and no one wanted to follow what she belted out. It would be like going from steak to a mad cow disease burger if I sang.

Anyway, she is now singing in London trying to get her songs out there to an audience, but it is extremely hard competing with the other thousands of hopefuls trying to make it. So Elexu thought “we want to be a part of connecting artists to their audience, but not just the musicians – everyone in the creative world.” So we created Elexu Creative Live which is an event for any type of performer, so that we can help people on their journey. Plus, we also get to have a good time in a bar.

Creative Live 2 is happening and we need your help to make it a success for everyone. If you have some free time on your hands on the 15th of November, then pop down to the Verve Bar in Covent Garden from 6:00 till late for a night of live music, art, and films. You will be helping to support the performers of the night by being there and seeing what they have to offer Also, there is a bar, so a few drinks with your friends isn’t a bad idea.

It’s free if you RSVP to (code CRE8LIV2). Come down for a fantastic night of entertainment and meet some like-minded individuals. Also ½ price drinks and food up to 8:00pm so a cheap night out in London for all you students and other interns.

Make sure you RSVP or else its £2 entry, please include when you RSVP:


-Email Address

-VIP access code CRE8LIVE2

-Biggest aspiration

Check out the blog from the first Creative Live Event Here.


Keeping Up to Date with Elexu

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Today’s post is going to be a bit different from the normal rants and ravings of the elexu community/staff, but rather it is going to be about what is happening in the next few months with Elexu. We have a few new events and competitions will be important to you. This blog post will be constantly updating with new information about the lists events so keep checking back.

Style it Soho (Available to enter now) - The first phase of Style it Soho was a huge success bringing together budding models, stylists and photographers to set up photo shoots around Soho to compete for a fashion swag bag.  Here is the official description of the competition:

“Style It Soho is a fashion competition aimed at giving creatives in the fashion field the opportunity to interpret the visuals of a number of stores in the Soho area as well as the outdoors of the Soho environment through a single photograph.”

We are entering phase two which you can be a part of. We want to have another shoot day, so get involved if you want to be in front or behind the camera and show off your talent. Not only could you win a prize, but you will also meet new contacts which is fantastic because in this business it is about who you know. Further, this will be great to add to your portfolio.  Read more »

A Visit to [Space]

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Today’s post comes from Elexu intern Yanet who writes about a  visit to one of Space’s events, where she got to meet artists and see some amazing art. Have a read about the fantastic event.

[SPACE]  studios is one of the biggest art spaces provider in Europe opened its door the last weekend to visitors and artists. [SPACE] provides support and resources to artists to make the great art of our day whether that be exhibition space or supplies. [SPACE] provides a platform for creative people to experiment, develop and meet like minded people. Last weekend they decided to host one of their end of year exhibitions and invited Elexu along.



It’s amazing how things can change when you see art in front of you and not just through a picture on the internet, it has a much more powerful impact. An artist’s world is different than the normal world we live day by day. I am told they try to live by emotion and not routine, they have a constant desire to create that drives them. For me  it  was a great experience!  I got to meet different artists,  got introduced to different concepts and styles that I didn’t know existed. Pieces of art had  a number of different effects as you looked on  some gave me  energy, some optimism, others waves of negative emotions but they all gave me waves of creativity. Each studio offered a new experience.

Between brushes and paintings artists were totally open to share their views about art, movements, concepts, similarities  and this made us to get know them a bit better, a great unique experience to see the artists behind the art. Their art was just incredible and if you have the cash they are available to purchase right there, a bit more extra cash and I would have walked out with some serious art. Most of the artists that we met there had exhibitions all around the world and they were continually traveling with their works so many different people get a chance to see their work physically. My favorite quote of the event was  “Art is a parallel stage where the artist connects with himself and this connection is reflected in such as brilliants art pieces, each piece of art had the
artist’s personality infused with it.”


We had the opportunity to meet sculptors and modern technology artists it was very curious walking through lego machines converted in music machines and at the same time could see mini sculptures that were tiny but had so much detail you thought such a feat was impossible… you had to be there to really understand.  I would say it was an excellent experience and I would like to thank artists such as Robert Aberdein (sculptor), Esther Ainsworth (sound artist and Dj) or Endry Kosturí (Painter) who helped me understand their art.

I recommend everyone should try to go to a art gallery at least once because you will never know how you will react when you see a piece of art that has an effect on you. It is a different day out from the regular social activities and can offer a unique experience.

Check out [SPACE] for upcoming events or support for artists at



Elexu Creative Live Success!

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It was the biggest and most nerve-wracking day for the Elexu team so far, weeks of preparation had gone into our first community event and we were all determined to make it a massive success.

Running short of time, a handful of interns pile into Via, Canary Wharf and frantically set up, to our surprise there are guests arriving already, half an hour before the start time, maybe this is going to be bigger than we expected?

It’s 6pm and the doors officially open, already there are at least 20 people in the venue and by 8pm we had checked around 120 people off the guest list! The venue was buzzing and the positive feedback coming from our guests was really overwhelming!

Our staff were strategically placed across the venue, from the Elexu booth, film room and the live drawing area, all of which were running fantastically smoothly. Despite the slight glitch with the PA system right at the beginning of the night everything had run according to plan.

There was such an array of talent performing that evening and the enthusiasm and creativity of our guests made the event the success it was! We could not have done without their support!

Some of the social media reaction to our event!

Once again huge thanks to all the performing artists – you were amazing! For those of you who would like to follow the creative artists from the first Elexu Live event here are their names and links to their sites (in chronological order in which they performed).

We will be hosting more events in the future so stay tuned.