How I see TV Advertising of tomorrow

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A while ago we created this video for an innovation in digital advertising contest organized by IC Tomorrow. This video concisely summarizes our perspective of the challenges TV advertising (and subsequently whole TV industry) faces today. Enjoy!

It’s certainly scary times for traditional broadcasters. New technologies are shaking the traditional business model, advertisers are shifting their money online, viewers’ change the ways they consume video content and a whole army of new competitors is forming on the internet getting ready to disrupt the whole industry.

We are absolutely thrilled about this revolution. We believe it will bring a lot of good – more relevant and useful content, more engaged viewers and less of the annoying advertising.

Advertising is a cornerstone of TV – it works well when there are millions of viewers watching a single show but it clearly wouldn’t be sufficient to fund a show with tens of thousands of viewers. Yet we believe that the future of TV is all about these shows. Smaller but much more engaged audiences consuming niche content.

We can’t wait for this future TV to become a reality and seeing that Youtube is too busy trying to replicate the old TV advertising model, we have decided to build the tools for the broadcasters and producers of tomorrow ourselves. We want to empower them with video tools that will bring them closer to their audiences and allow their community to pay back more directly and meaningfully than in the indirect TV advertising model.

We strongly believe there is a way to make a decent profit through video – and I don’t mean just viral comedy sketches and cats videos.

A New Beginning

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New Beginning

Six months ago we launched iVO, our interactive video player. We had built iVO to help video content owners get their viewers more engaged and to enable a two way communication between the two parties. We have spoken to a large number of people: potential clients, partners and even competitors to identify the core opportunities in the market and find how we and iVO could help people and organizations build stronger relationships with their audiences.

This past half a year has been an absolutely amazing ride and it showed us a whole new world and high value opportunities for brands, video producers, owners of community based websites and their audiences.

Video is the most powerful medium when it comes to establishing an emotional connection with viewers but video monetization model is broken. Forcing viewers to watch irrelevant advertising annoys them. This wasn’t that big problem on TV when the viewers didn’t have much choice but the power has shifted, nowadays there the viewers have many more options and they are in control so advertisers have to earn trust and permission to market in order to succeed.

Our focus is to help brands and community-based websites deepen the relationships with their existing communities as well as help them grow in size. The way we plan to do is through creation of curated and formatted video channels that their target audiences want to watch.

On this blog we will be sharing more about our vision of future TV, we will be showcasing role models who use video particularly well, we will bring you news from the future TV industry and tips on how to produce and monetize videos.

Whether you are an owner of a community-based website, marketer, SEO specialist, video maker or if you are crazy passionate about a specific topic – sign up to this blog and join us on the journey. You won’t regret it.

Amazing News Coming Soon

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It’s a little bit that you don’t hear from us… we know, and we want to apologize for it.

But we are working on several amazing projects and we will update you soon on the latest exciting news we have at Elexu…

Some anticipations? Inspirational guest bloggers’ posts, new collaborations, the latest episodes from the Elexu Live Lounge with talented young artists, new products, …ooops, we cannot say more!!!


Continue follow Elexu! Looking forward to sharing our news with you!


Elexu Team

Live Lounge with Abbey Bowden is here…

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Like promised, Elexu presents Nate Maingard’s first time as a host at Elexu Live Lounge with his good friend and musician, Abbey Bowden.

Lets listen to how Abbey seriously pursues music, full time, after taking up music lessons in Uni despite playing various instruments before that, the reason behind her music being termed as ‘dark’, on what she basis her song writing, her admiration, inspiration, life in London in 1 ½ yrs and the unexpected kind of support and encouragement London gave her…

Abbey talks about what goes into her mind in front of a live audience on stage, her biggest lesson in life, music being a self-indulgent career, what she strongly believes in and how Abbey’s father is her strength in her music life.  The video also presents some questions from the audience to Abbey.

Abbey performs ‘Comfort’ to her audience at Elexu

And ‘Still’…

Feel free to post your comments, suggestions & feedback… And if want to be a part of Live Lounge, please get in touch with Meng, our Event Manager, at with the subject line as “Live Lounge”.

Watch this space for more details on the future Elexu Live Lounges and who our next guest is!

Live Lounge with Abbey Bowden – coming soon!

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Abbey at Live Lounge

Earlier this month, some of Elexu’s supporters walked into Elexu office to witness Live Lounge with Abbey Bowden – songwriter & singer with a heart-melting voice. The session was enthralling with the office filled with Abbey’s voice – singing & talking to us about how she made it to where she is now. The session was hosted by a very popular musician and Elexu supporter, Nathan Maingard!

Watch this space for the video of Abbey’s Live Lounge, which will be uploaded shortly so in the meanwhile check out the snapshots of the session with Abbey and our previous Live Lounges!


Not Your Average Internship

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When you join the Elexu family as an intern you get an experience that will most likely be like no other internship or job you have done before.  One of the best things of being an Elexu intern is the atmosphere. In the office there is plenty of joking, chat and work…even from some of the executives. It has been described by one intern as being a little but like university which is great if you have just graduated and have not adjusted to the real world yet. At Elexu we encourage an innovative and friendly atmosphere and you will most likely make some great friends throughout your internship.

This leads me to one of the other aspects of being an Elexu intern that is most likely not like other internships, which is that you are free to innovate, there are few restrictions of what you can create within the workplace as long as it’s acceptable. This is what is so great when working for an emerging organisation, that everything is not set in stone. For example I was put in charge for a week of the other interns and general goings on (Dangerous move Elexu….dangerous move). Anyway, I started and organised “Elexu live Lounge” which is where a musician comes down and gets video interviewed, we record some of their songs live and put the songs on the Elexu sound cloud. Seriously the executives had little knowledge of this until the day and it was a massive success. So this internship empowers you to create and show off what you  can do and now the “Elexu live lounge” is now something we really want to ramp up in the coming year.

Anyway back to behind the scenes. Every now and then we as interns like to organize days out to places that you may not have seen or do activities that you have not done before. So if you are coming from another country this is a great way of doing things that may not have crossed your mind to do when deciding what to do in merry old England.

Recently Some of the Elexu team went indoor paintballing, it was loads of fun and two interns who had never been before got to experience the thrill of diving for cover as paint rushes past their ears. We all had a few bruises, but it was worth it.  Also watch out for Martin (head of research and development) he was a bit of a paintball beast.

A second trip that I was head organizer of was the trip to one of Europe’s best theme park “Thorpe park” which has a number of roller coasters and adrenaline pumping rides. A great experience for some of the international interns since something like this is a rare experience for them. Plus is worth seeing the fear on a senior intern Elliot’s face as we queued for ride called detonator.

At Elexu we are not just a workforce, we are a family. So if you do end up joining the Elexu team expect work and fun in equal measure. Also I have a number of trips in mind for the coming year so now is a good time to join, so good luck in your interviews… Zorbing anyone?

Written by
Sam (associate at Elexu)

The Power of Blogging

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012|About Elexu, Advice|by Sam Watson|1 Comment

Before I started my internship at elexu I had never written a blog post and never thought of doing one because who would read it? However, after a couple of weeks I found myself in charge of the company blog and was introduced into the new world of blogging.

Here are some tips that I have learn’t while blogging and I think I should share:

1) Blogging isn’t just about having people read your words. To be honest, if one person reads your blog and someone takes something from it, then that’s enough for me. Writing blogs is about exploring your own opinions, formulating your own arguments, polishing up your writing skills (always important) and of course running something in the online world is always good to have on the CV.  Also write how you talk, the way you talk is unique to your self and it comes across this way in the blog which brings more uniqueness to your blog… see where I am going with this. So write for yourself and not for other people, blogs are meant to be you.

2) Guest blogging every now and then is something to consider. Lets be honest unless you are famous or have a legion of online stalkers then not many people want to read daily updates about your life. So reach out to other bloggers and people who have interesting articles to share and post them on your blog. This way you network, get some diversity to your blog and if you pair up with another blogger you can guest post for them and reach their audience. Win win situation.

3) Study other blogs and look to see what makes them successful so you can steal what they do, adjust it to yourself and then BHAM your blog just some more readers. Also look at how the big blogs on the net are really well formatted, a nice looking blog is much more inviting. Nice pictures, easy to read text and good colour combinations are key to a successful blog.

There are some many guides to writing a good blogs and there are many more tips but these are three that I think are important. So good luck and good blogging!

Guest Blogging!!

If you would like to write a guest blog post for the elexu blog then we would like to here from you. We are looking for a huge variety of articles from business  art, music, sports, technology, top 5 lists to crazy rants about vegetables. If you would like to find out more about guest posting then please email Sam at to discuss articles, word limits etc.


Secret London Competition

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Today’s post is for the Elexu community and anyone that potentially wants to be an Elexu community member of which you are all welcome to be. We are launching the Elexu competition, “Secret London,” the brain child of Elexu Intern Hernan (or nicknamed Nano).

London is a place of hidden corners. Most people who live in London have secret places that they like to go to that tourists doesn’t know about.  A great way of describing London was said by fellow Intern Omenya:

“London is great because you can have  no destination and still end up somewhere fantastic and unique, is is a city unlike know other. From the eccentric clubs of Soho to the colour full stalls of Camden. I love meeting strangers and randomly having a chat. One of my secret spots is Northwick Park where I like to go for moments of clam thinking and reminiscing.  It’s a green place in a busy city.”

Since I am sharing somebody else’s secret place, I thought I would share my own. Mine is the Hobgoblin, a rock bar in the middle of a place full of typical clubs that plays music that I don’t care for. It has band nights, a pool table, an imitate  garden cut off from the street and really comfy couches to chill out on. A great place to chill out with friends. I really must trying going somewhere without a destination sounds like a idea.

So lets get to the competition. All you have to do is submit a picture of your secret London hideaway to our platform with a small paragraph  (up to 100 words) explaining why it’s special to you and you will be in the running for the prize. To enter please join the Elexu platform at and use VIP code SCRTLDN1.   

What do you get for telling the Elexu Community your secrets? The best submission will win two tickets to the acclaimed production of Loserville. Good Luck! If you have any questions please either write in the comments section or contact us at .




Keeping Up to Date with Elexu

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Today’s post is going to be a bit different from the normal rants and ravings of the elexu community/staff, but rather it is going to be about what is happening in the next few months with Elexu. We have a few new events and competitions will be important to you. This blog post will be constantly updating with new information about the lists events so keep checking back.

Style it Soho (Available to enter now) - The first phase of Style it Soho was a huge success bringing together budding models, stylists and photographers to set up photo shoots around Soho to compete for a fashion swag bag.  Here is the official description of the competition:

“Style It Soho is a fashion competition aimed at giving creatives in the fashion field the opportunity to interpret the visuals of a number of stores in the Soho area as well as the outdoors of the Soho environment through a single photograph.”

We are entering phase two which you can be a part of. We want to have another shoot day, so get involved if you want to be in front or behind the camera and show off your talent. Not only could you win a prize, but you will also meet new contacts which is fantastic because in this business it is about who you know. Further, this will be great to add to your portfolio.  Read more »

Intern Feature – James: Elexu Internship and What to Do After

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Today’s post comes from James, an Elexu intern who’s last day was this week. He writes about his experience with Elexu and what he might do next. Good luck James!

I have just completed an internship at Elexu and it has been a blast… that’s right working for pretty much nothing has been a blast. I finished university with an ambition to embark on career in public relations. As with higher level positions today you need some experience, but you can’t get a job to gain experience. I know it’s a vicious circle. I applied and Elexu decided to offer me an internship that would not just be experience to put on the CV, but they vowed to also help me develop my skills further They made it clear to me that when looking for an intern they look at personality, thinking process and potential which is similar to how Google recruits. Grades are just a doorway.

Elexu is an emerging organisation, therefore unlike other internships, this one did not require me get anybody coffee. Instead I had my own responsibilities, tasks, independence. I also really noticed that the work I put in changed the organisation’s progress. Everything I did had an impact.  I heard that if I was in an already well established company, it would take a lot longer to get to this level and have less of an impact. At Elexu, I didn’t feel like an intern. I had little restraint, got support on my ideas and could be creative in a cooperate workplace. Plus, the staff and other interns really made this experience the best it could possibly be.

What’s next? I could try to purse my career in public relations in a period of high youth unemployment or go back to working a retail job which would provide money but it would feel like I was taking a step back. Here is a interesting option 3.

Teach English as a Foreign Language.

I just started a TEFL course; it has taught me that I don’t know English as well as I thought I did. Did you know there are around 20 tenses in the English language? They help you get to a teacher level of English and how to handle a class of eager learners of all different levels. Doing this course gives me the opportunity to see some of the world and learn about different cultures. Not only can I teach them, but they can teach me their language which would give a CV an edge in the future along with the internship. Some options include South Korea, Brazil and Japan.

If you would like to know more about this check out the TEFL Academy website

Good luck new Elexu interns.


Elexu Intern