Bringing Community Together Through Song

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012|Elexu Team Posts|by Christy Rathbone

This time seven months ago, I was pacing up and down an empty room waiting for people to arrive, hoping for thirty people to walk through the doors. This was our first choir meeting after months of planning and running around like headless chickens. Now it was time to see if all of our hard work had paid off.

Before we knew it, the time had arrived to open the doors and let the little crowd of people I could see into the room. The stream of bodies didn’t stop and before we knew it there was around 100 people chatting away excitedly.

The majority of people who came to sing hadn’t been in choirs before or hadn’t sang for a long time –  including me. So when the time came nerves filled the room. Luckily, we have a great teacher in Carol Donaldson, who has not only made everybody feel that, together, we can make one great sound but also installs confidence in every single person in the room.

The aim of Wrexham community Choir is to bring people together, we now have around 160 members reflecting the diversity of the local community and bringing us all together through singing pieces from all around the world. Singing together creates a sense of community, connectedness and belonging which is well documented and also increases feelings of well-being. This approach is inclusive, heartfelt, humorous and aimed at the ‘feel good’ factor as singing together is tremendously uplifting for all participants. Before the choir many different cultures felt isolated in Wrexham and as the months have gone by it has been great to watch the growing friendships between people who speak different languages and would never have met if not for the choir.

Since our first practice the choir has become a family. We have headlined concerts and are inundated with bookings for us to perform. Our favourite performance so far was performing in the ruins of Valle Crusis Abbey in Llangollen.

It just shows you how music can bring people together.

Christy R – Elexu Intern