Behind the scenes of the Live Lounge with Robert James Selby

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013|Elexu Live Lounge, Event|by ElexuCommunity


Robert James Selby & Nate Maingard

This week’s Live Lounge was calm and relaxing, totally mellow!

Robert has such soul in his voice and the reasons behind each song was mesmerizing. To make this event a day to remember all Robert brought along was himself, his guitar and his harmonica, and that was all he needed!

Robert James Selby prepped his vocals, whilst finely tuning his guitar and in the meantime Nate Maingard was getting cosy and comfortable on the sofa in his stripy socks. The atmosphere before and even after the event was smooth and down to earth. Robert wasn’t nervous one bit, not a sweat in sight! Although that must explain, how his musical talent also comes across as folksy yet realistic.

Usually, behind the scenes you would find out quirks about the artist, but Robert James Selby presented his true colors behind the scene and on the scene of Live Lounge.

He was one down to earth, talented artist!

If you missed the Live Lounge, watch it here:


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt