Not Your Average Internship

Saturday, January 12th, 2013|About Elexu|by ElexuCommunity

When you join the Elexu family as an intern you get an experience that will most likely be like no other internship or job you have done before.  One of the best things of being an Elexu intern is the atmosphere. In the office there is plenty of joking, chat and work…even from some of the executives. It has been described by one intern as being a little but like university which is great if you have just graduated and have not adjusted to the real world yet. At Elexu we encourage an innovative and friendly atmosphere and you will most likely make some great friends throughout your internship.

This leads me to one of the other aspects of being an Elexu intern that is most likely not like other internships, which is that you are free to innovate, there are few restrictions of what you can create within the workplace as long as it’s acceptable. This is what is so great when working for an emerging organisation, that everything is not set in stone. For example I was put in charge for a week of the other interns and general goings on (Dangerous move Elexu….dangerous move). Anyway, I started and organised “Elexu live Lounge” which is where a musician comes down and gets video interviewed, we record some of their songs live and put the songs on the Elexu sound cloud. Seriously the executives had little knowledge of this until the day and it was a massive success. So this internship empowers you to create and show off what you  can do and now the “Elexu live lounge” is now something we really want to ramp up in the coming year.

Anyway back to behind the scenes. Every now and then we as interns like to organize days out to places that you may not have seen or do activities that you have not done before. So if you are coming from another country this is a great way of doing things that may not have crossed your mind to do when deciding what to do in merry old England.

Recently Some of the Elexu team went indoor paintballing, it was loads of fun and two interns who had never been before got to experience the thrill of diving for cover as paint rushes past their ears. We all had a few bruises, but it was worth it.  Also watch out for Martin (head of research and development) he was a bit of a paintball beast.

A second trip that I was head organizer of was the trip to one of Europe’s best theme park “Thorpe park” which has a number of roller coasters and adrenaline pumping rides. A great experience for some of the international interns since something like this is a rare experience for them. Plus is worth seeing the fear on a senior intern Elliot’s face as we queued for ride called detonator.

At Elexu we are not just a workforce, we are a family. So if you do end up joining the Elexu team expect work and fun in equal measure. Also I have a number of trips in mind for the coming year so now is a good time to join, so good luck in your interviews… Zorbing anyone?

Written by
Sam (associate at Elexu)