An Insight Into an Artist’s Mind

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012|Interviews|by Christy Rathbone

Coral-Leigh Ismail is a self–taught Artist, Writer, Designer and Magicians Assistant to ‘The Homosexuals’ (Late 60s Band previously known as The Rejects). She shared with us what it means to her to be an artist.

How would you describe your art work?

The best way to describe the themes and styles of my work, would be to close your eyes for a minute or so and to try and visualize a Pick n’ Mix bag of communication, people and stories all having a party together on your Iris. My work is extremely collective, versatile and has no concrete place to go. As an Artist you should transform your eyes to Magpie eyes and seek as much silver treasure as possible, which can be fed into your work .


Where do you take inspiration from?

I take all of my inspiration purely from People and from life. It’s a simple thing to write, but it is a fascinating thing to try and explain in my work. I find it difficult to try and comprehend how you could not to be honest. I am a Gypsy in abode and was brought up in a juxtaposition of two places; firstly, a tower block flat overlooking cowardly criminal boys snatching pearls of plenty from pensioners

Secondly my Gran and Grandad’s palace of Marmite on toast, down the road from the ‘millionaires house’, which in fact wasn’t the inhabitancy of millionaires. I moved abode around 20 times and school? I have lost count. That was a lovely bit of numbers and mathematics. I started to draw instinctual at a very young age, a form of escapism I would recognise it back as being now. As a family we weren’t very fond of where we would end up living, so my mama used to let us all write poems and draw on the wall. You can imagine yourself anywhere.

A gypsy, only with houses and flats. Moving around so much virtually sent me mute, it was difficult being a new girl all the time and as a child I was extremely shy, so drawing was a form of communication I felt comfortable in to make friends with. I remember vividly looking out our window and drawing jungles instead of the degenerates being destructive. It was fitting to do so, there were plenty of animals, outside but they weren’t lions, tigers and bears. To conquer my shyness I went to quite a notorious secondary school and begun to learn’ how to never shut up’.

Talking, travelling and meeting new people seem to be my main concrete source of inspiration. Its a massive subject matter and the avenues are extremely versatile. I strongly believe that talking is the medical remedy to at least 600 problems or even all. It’s the most underrated skill in our world. You learn so much from people, books are ornaments in comparison for education. The idea of being an artist, a human is to be able to coherently communicate and always cater to the needs of your listener(s). If you have no self awareness, substance and method, how on earth are you able to relate and understand others?

Who are your favourite Artists?

The majority of my favourite Artists are either Self-Taught, Outsider or have an infatuation with the conscience and sub conscience mind. A few of them include Niki de Saint Phalle, Stephen Wright and Dali.

What is your favourite Ice Cream flavour?

I love Ice Cream nearly as much as love! Pistachio ice cream is a fond frozen flavor of mine.