A New Beginning

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014|About Elexu|by Martin Zeman

New Beginning

Six months ago we launched iVO, our interactive video player. We had built iVO to help video content owners get their viewers more engaged and to enable a two way communication between the two parties. We have spoken to a large number of people: potential clients, partners and even competitors to identify the core opportunities in the market and find how we and iVO could help people and organizations build stronger relationships with their audiences.

This past half a year has been an absolutely amazing ride and it showed us a whole new world and high value opportunities for brands, video producers, owners of community based websites and their audiences.

Video is the most powerful medium when it comes to establishing an emotional connection with viewers but video monetization model is broken. Forcing viewers to watch irrelevant advertising annoys them. This wasn’t that big problem on TV when the viewers didn’t have much choice but the power has shifted, nowadays there the viewers have many more options and they are in control so advertisers have to earn trust and permission to market in order to succeed.

Our focus is to help brands and community-based websites deepen the relationships with their existing communities as well as help them grow in size. The way we plan to do is through creation of curated and formatted video channels that their target audiences want to watch.

On this blog we will be sharing more about our vision of future TV, we will be showcasing role models who use video particularly well, we will bring you news from the future TV industry and tips on how to produce and monetize videos.

Whether you are an owner of a community-based website, marketer, SEO specialist, video maker or if you are crazy passionate about a specific topic – sign up to this blog and join us on the journey. You won’t regret it.