A Filmography Coffee

Friday, February 15th, 2013|Film Community|by claudiaiasella

What is better than having a coffee with three filmmakers on Wednesday afternoon? This what happened on the 16 of January at Elexu.  Throwing out  ideas, dreams and future collaboration, Cherryl Martin and me spent a lovely afternoon in the company of Adrian Scott, Ilie Zubascu and Karen Bacellar.

Three different backgrounds, three different countries, three different personalities but one common passion.


Adrian Scott

An English guy with a great energy and believes in his dreams.

He started writing alone in his room when he was just a kid, today Adrian Scott, works with many people within the British Film Industry and hopes to spread his knowledge and indeed to learn from the best in the world.

Experienced scriptwriter, producer and director and Co-founder of Mellow 9 Productions, he has already given seminars on his experiences as a scriptwriter in schools and colleges.

One of his relevant works is Victim. He worked on this project as one of the writers. A powerful urban thriller about justice, society, self-respect and redemption. Is the story of one young man’s attempts to break out of a cycle of violence and is a vibrant and authentic picture of the consequences of crime. In cinemas June 2012


Ilie Zubascu

 Fresh and  kind Romanian.

Ilie is currently MA Video Production and Film Studies student at University of West London.

Ilie passion is  in video and film production, especially digital film making. He  would like to use the art of film to make an impact through story telling and wants to inspire other to write their own life stories.

Recently he working in the documentary film production of the filmography world . The project that he is currently involved is a documentary based on a Iranian family. The film is shot around the court hearings of the Iranian girl that seeks asylum in the UK. She was already refused once and now is on her second court hearing.

The documentary will be finished around June – July of this year.

One of his recent projects is “Peste toate Isuse esti Tu”

A short film presented for IPhone film festival. Have a watch below.


Karen Bacellar

Lovely and sparkling American.

Karen is currently studying for an MA in Film Studies at University College London. She is currently working on a few writing projects and in pre-production for a short film that she hopes to shoot in March. The short film is entitled, Act Like Me, and is about an aspiring actress, who with the help of an acting coach finds the emotional peace necessary to perform an audition monologue.

­­Evelyn Victorious is one of the most recent projects. The short film is about an aspiring jazz singer, who makes her rival sick in order to gain the main stage position at a cabaret. Her Video can be found on vimeo here.

Karen has worked on several small film productions and aspires to be a filmmaker. Meanwhile, she writes scripts and muses about life and film on her blog, BlondeScarlett.


Elexu film community is growing up, and competitions are already running in our platform. If you have a dream, you have to stand up for your self, don’t wait for something, but do something. If you are a potential filmmaker, have a look in our platform to get the chance to compete in one of our competition, do the first step and start to live your dream.