A Day In the Life of a Young Entrepreneur

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013|Advice, Elexu Team Posts, Interviews|by Amarisgentles

“I will never give up, my ambition has no limits”

On an ordinary day I get up around 7 o clock, I lie awake for while and mentally analyse whether I have hit the mile stone that I set myself for that particular day. Whether I have or not I tell myself “Keep going Aaron. Consistency is the key and your almost there. You are on the right path to make your life better.” I clamber out of bed and go straight to my computer and check all my emails and voicemails; to give me a detailed motivation of my day.

I walk to my local Tesco express and buy myself a vegetarian breakfast and lunch. Although I’m living on a budget I try to be conscious about what I eat. From the tender age of four I decided that I wanted to be a vegetarian because I’m a firm believer that it’s important to keep your body healthy.

My company is Runway Republic; an online fashion platform that creates a micro-site for designers, boutiques and vintage sellers to nationally and internationally trade. It also has a social network aspect to it all, which allows all fashion lovers, buyers and sellers to connect under one roof.

runway republic video (link to Runway Republics first photo shoot for a campaign)

I was exposed to a certain lifestyle at a very young age and I saw the benefits and downfalls that came with the environment that I was developing in. I managed to get myself in trouble with the police and made unnecessary enemies. However, I was so desperate to separate myself from the individuals that appeared to not want to prosper in life. After watching my older sister graduate and develop in her career and also graduating myself, I knew that if I put my energy into something positive there was a reward that would make me proud unlike the negative aspects to my lifestyle.

After many mornings and nights wandering around my neighbourhood I noticed that there were no young black males to look up to, except rappers or athletes but that wasn’t the conduit I wanted, I saw myself as an intelligent black male so I decided I would represent that figure in society. I put myself to the test. I want to show other black youths that there is space for them on the corporate ladder. I feel like there is a lot of weight resting on my shoulders but I use this added pressure as motivation.

No two days are the same ever since I started up Runway Republic. The day that we first got financial aid for Runway Republic was such a joyful day, particularly because I knew as a young black male it would be harder to find financial support. Working in the fashion industry I discovered the importance of conducting myself in a professional manor and being well presented. So just before I leave my house for any business meetings I make sure that I have a fresh hair cut, intoxicating cologne and a trusting smile.

After a relaxing shower and shave, I drive down to our office proudly in ford focus after I sold my B.M.W in order to invest the money into Runway Republic. I sold and used everything that I’ve ever owned my savings, shares and my car.  As I drive I try to ignore the burn from my tired eyes after a night at work. I had to get a night job in order to keep myself alive while I get Runway Republic off the ground and although it doesn’t pay for holidays to Hawaii it’s enough for me to treat myself to a cheeky Kit-Kat now and then.  Working at night and running a company during the day is hell on earth, it’s mentally and physically tiring.

My youth allows me to take off my CEO hat and put on my worker hat on in the night and switch it back in the morning without running out of batteries. It’s difficult to give up when I don’t understand the word no. The good thing about being an entrepreneur in this decade is that young people are forced to be more ambitious so we are taken more seriously in the public eye. People often ask me if my race has been a barrier to me operating on a daily basis but I think that constraints are self inflicted, not to say racism doesn’t exist but if I feel like I’m being hindered because of my race I’m not going to allow that to determine my success and enough doors had been opened for me to confidently believe that anything is possible.

Some days when I’m travelling between the office and work I have my ordinary human doubts and I start thinking of alternative ideas but then I remember that a wise man once told me “why have a plan b if you know plan a is going to work”

At the end of the day I return home with a brain full of worries and anxiety but my family and close friends are a comfort to my mind. There so much diversity of intellect and beliefs among my relatives and companions.

Before I got to sleep I am consoled by knowing that I will never give up because my ambition has no limits.