#ElexuLiveLounge’s photo reportage by Samantha Edgley

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Samantha Edgley, author of several posts for the Elexu’s blog, visited us two weeks ago to capture with her camera the best moments of the Live Lounge with Nate Maingard and Roaman.

Have a look to her pics…aren’t they fabulous?! 












Photos by @Samantha Edgley

Behind the Scenes of the Elexu Live Lounge with our very own Nate Maingard!

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Where to begin…

This weeks the #ElexuLiveLounge was an experience words cannot describe! In the sense that it was soo relaxing, that everyone made themselves feel at home, aside the tech team in the background, who were slowly losing their marbles.

The atmosphere had a positive vibe and the afternoon felt soulful and pleasantly refreshing!

 2013-12-03 16.32.16

This week our usual host was the guest of the show, Nate Maingard, with Roaman taking over Nate’s place.

These two couldn’t have been paired with anyone better! Both musicians were talking before the Live Lounge and after the Live Lounge, constant chatter! Which in fact made the event more entertaining.

The Live Lounge finished, and we still got them on camera expressing their love for one another’s style or shoes, or life or music. But I have to admit, that’s the beauty of someone’s personality, their openness and love makes you love them for who they are!

Just like Nate said “I’m a hopeful romantic, being romantic is a real possibility, as life is more enjoyable that way!


Nate’s concept of how he lives life, is inspirational and to some of us out there, relatable. Sometimes it’s nice hear & see someone who is reaching out to those who aren’t able to express themselves. His whole aura oozes of endearment and nourishing others with his vast knowledge of enhancing one’s life.

I’ve always been a big believer in living my life by taking an ethical & honest approach. And some people in my life haven’t been so understanding or supportive of my choices, but after listening to Nate talk with Roaman, I’m starting to believe that ‘If this is how I want to live, then so be it! No-one else’s opinion should matter if I want to make sure I don’t leave a misguided footprint in this life’ Enough about me, back to Nate!

2013-12-03 16.36.59

Everyone at Elexu hopes that Nate Maingard does get to travel the world and sail all the seven seas! Because his talent isn’t just with his voice or guitar, it’s everything else about him that makes him fascinating and beautiful. We hope your new EP ‘In the Shadows’ (which you all should check out!) is a great success.

I luckily received his EP as  a farewell gift and the tracks on there are amazing! It immediately touches your heart and puts you in a musical trance. No doubt Nate and Roaman will be legendary!

So this weeks Live Lounge was certainly an event I will always remember! Surrounded by artists who shine at what they pour their heart into and loving people. Keep checking out Elexu Live Lounge for upcoming talented musicians!


Till the 17th of December at 4.30pm, it’s time to bid adieu to you all!


Author:Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Behind the scenes of Elexu Live Lounge with Tom Moon…and a special edition with Nate Maingard!

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This weeks Elexu Live Lounge was running a bit late and we do apologise for the technical difficulties and delay. But we did get there in the end, with Tom Moon and he was amazing!

For those who missed out, here’s a short clip of his song ‘Lovely Man’.



Tom’s voice instantaneously lit up the room when he started singing, I don’t even think the microphone was needed to amplify his voice, it was naturally loud and clear, which is a handy talent when gigging in small & local pubs/bars.

To be totally honest with you, Tom may not have had any fancy techniques or be a part of a band. But the one thing he did have was raw talent, enthusiasm and just enjoying every musical opportunity that came his way. And that’s what counts at the end of the day, because without that passion and fire, how far would you be willing to go? Would you push the boundaries for something, which you felt was okay? Or if it was the one aspect of your life, which you yearned to spread to the rest of the world!

So remember, try to use every fiber in your body to push yourself past the limit! Because aiming for the sky, can become a story of your reality! Embrace your talent and shine through the darkness!

Usually we don’t get to see Nate perform one of his pieces, but this week he saw Tom’s guitar and jumped at the chance to be able to play with his guitar. Many of you may remember him from our very first Elexu Live Lounge, and look how far he’s come. He’s got a new EP out “In the Shadows”, so any Nate Maingard fans out there check it out and enjoy!



Hope you guys enjoyed last weeks Live Lounge, and see you next Tuesday, 3rd of December at 4:30pm (London time).

…Stay tuned with Elexu and spread the music!!!


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Behind the scene of the Live Lounge with Torben Tietz

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Torben Tietz & Nate Maingard

You would think that, after all the Live Lounge events, the experience will be the same for all the artists coming through Elexu doors. Nope!

Each artist has their own individual taste in music, style and a personal flare which makes them who they are! I respect and hope that all musicians/artists out there fulfill their hopes and dreams!

Last week was quiet but entertaining. One of our colleagues Alice was ill and wasn’t able to make it, her liveliness presence was dearly missed! Even our host Nate Maingard was feeling poorly, but as they say“the show must go on!” and that it did.

Torben Tietz was something special. His amazing talent to play the guitar in a unique way was really fascinating! He really knew how multifunctional a musical instrument can be, which also showed how imaginative he is.

Torben was calm, cool and collected, showing no signs of nervousness. Once his performance started, his voice was bouncing off all four walls, sending chills down my spine. And as cheesy as that may sound, trust me when I say that his playing technique was different & interesting to watch!

Thank you Torben for joining Elexu and thanks Nate for hosting even though you was ill!


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Behind the scenes of the Live Lounge with Robert James Selby

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Robert James Selby & Nate Maingard

This week’s Live Lounge was calm and relaxing, totally mellow!

Robert has such soul in his voice and the reasons behind each song was mesmerizing. To make this event a day to remember all Robert brought along was himself, his guitar and his harmonica, and that was all he needed!

Robert James Selby prepped his vocals, whilst finely tuning his guitar and in the meantime Nate Maingard was getting cosy and comfortable on the sofa in his stripy socks. The atmosphere before and even after the event was smooth and down to earth. Robert wasn’t nervous one bit, not a sweat in sight! Although that must explain, how his musical talent also comes across as folksy yet realistic.

Usually, behind the scenes you would find out quirks about the artist, but Robert James Selby presented his true colors behind the scene and on the scene of Live Lounge.

He was one down to earth, talented artist!

If you missed the Live Lounge, watch it here: http://ivo.io/eJWtjNZOs


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Behind The Scene Experience of Filming Live Lounge

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One would think that behind the scenes of a live lounge is just manic and crazy, irrespective of the size of the event. But this live lounge was far from manic; it was full of laughter and amazing vocals!

Mitch Daniels band came prepared with their equipment to make sure they knocked the performance out the park! And boy did they knock it out! 2 guitarists, 1 bass guitarist, 1 drummer and their mysterious tones started to set the atmosphere and build jazzy vibes in the room.

I was lucky enough to exclusively hear them rehearsing before the live lounge, plus their mind-blowing voices gave me goose-bumps all over! This unique band made their own clique and has created songs which instantaneously become addictive.

Before going live, Mitch Daniels’ band seemed calm and ready to perform. Turned out that our host Nate Maingard knew one of the band members, and the astonishment increased the hype in the room.

A few minutes left and the tech team were running around like headless chickens trying to sort out final details, whilst Mitch Daniels’ band and Nate Maingard were hysterical because it was the perfect time for them to be cracking jokes!

All in all, the experience of being a part of ‘behind the scene’ crew is entertaining.  I got to know the band on a more personal level and it’s interesting to watch the four members express their individual personalities. Likewise, during the performance, tweeting and sharing photos with Elexu’s social community, turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable and very interactive.

Have a listen to Mitch Daniels band rehearsing their vocals before they go live


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Update from the Summer: Elexu Live Lounge

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At Elexu office the summer has been busy, and we’ve received a lot of amazing visits!

For who missed the past episodes of the Live Lounge, we hosted some young artists who surprised us for their music, voices, art, well, for their natural talents!

We would like to use this space to say thanks again to everyone for coming and sharing with the Elexu Team and Elexu Community these wonderful talents. So thanks to Lukas Johne, Peppermint Duo, Antiqu’e, Tom Staniford and Sarah Berresford, alias Oh Sister!


 Lukas Johne

Peppermint Duo

 Peppermint Duo




Tom Staniford with our host, Nate Maingard


Oh Sister during the PreView of our new product iVO 

If you want to watch their performance at the Elexu Live lounge, visit the Elexu page on YouTube or on Facebook!

…New artists & Live Lounge are coming soon!

Elexu Team


Amazing News Coming Soon

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It’s a little bit that you don’t hear from us… we know, and we want to apologize for it.

But we are working on several amazing projects and we will update you soon on the latest exciting news we have at Elexu…

Some anticipations? Inspirational guest bloggers’ posts, new collaborations, the latest episodes from the Elexu Live Lounge with talented young artists, new products, …ooops, we cannot say more!!!


Continue follow Elexu! Looking forward to sharing our news with you!


Elexu Team

Live Lounge with Abbey Bowden is here…

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Like promised, Elexu presents Nate Maingard’s first time as a host at Elexu Live Lounge with his good friend and musician, Abbey Bowden.

Lets listen to how Abbey seriously pursues music, full time, after taking up music lessons in Uni despite playing various instruments before that, the reason behind her music being termed as ‘dark’, on what she basis her song writing, her admiration, inspiration, life in London in 1 ½ yrs and the unexpected kind of support and encouragement London gave her…

Abbey talks about what goes into her mind in front of a live audience on stage, her biggest lesson in life, music being a self-indulgent career, what she strongly believes in and how Abbey’s father is her strength in her music life.  The video also presents some questions from the audience to Abbey.

Abbey performs ‘Comfort’ to her audience at Elexu

And ‘Still’…

Feel free to post your comments, suggestions & feedback… And if want to be a part of Live Lounge, please get in touch with Meng, our Event Manager, at meng.qin@elexu.org with the subject line as “Live Lounge”.

Watch this space for more details on the future Elexu Live Lounges and who our next guest is!

Live Lounge with Abbey Bowden – coming soon!

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Abbey at Live Lounge

Earlier this month, some of Elexu’s supporters walked into Elexu office to witness Live Lounge with Abbey Bowden – songwriter & singer with a heart-melting voice. The session was enthralling with the office filled with Abbey’s voice – singing & talking to us about how she made it to where she is now. The session was hosted by a very popular musician and Elexu supporter, Nathan Maingard!

Watch this space for the video of Abbey’s Live Lounge, which will be uploaded shortly so in the meanwhile check out the snapshots of the session with Abbey and our previous Live Lounges!