Four Tips for Interviews

Saturday, January 19th, 2013|Advice|by ElexuCommunity

When you first graduate from University or are applying for an internship as part of your Uni program, your first higher level interview can be an intimidating task.  In the elexu office we have all done our fair share of interviews including the one for Elexu. Here are 4 tips for interviewing that you should increase your chances.

Tip Number 1: Prepare!!

If the position really matters to you then you should have no lack of motivation to spend some time before the interview researching and preparing. For example if you are going for an interview for graphic design then why not design a few things in the image of the company to show off what you can do. Extra credit goes along way and will no doubt give you an edge against the people who didn’t bring anything. Same for marketing, why not draft up an event strategy with budget and social media campaign  for your interviewer. These sorts of actions show off your dedicated personality and innovating skills.

Also read about the company and what is does, look at their social media and what they have done in the past. If you can bring up the research that you have done to the interviewer then they will no doubt be impressed.

Come on! You have  a degree you should no trouble looking at a computer for hours.  Remember the interview is not really about you its about the company!

Tip Number 2: Would you like some syrup with your waffle?

Just to be clear Waffle is a slang term when someone is speaking…and just carries on speaking but does not really say anything meaningful. Waffle is deadly to your chances of getting that position. The interviewer asks a question and you talk so much that they get bored or say nothing meaningful…deadly.

When the interviewer asks you a question take your time and think, don’t just start talking. Formulate your answer first and if you think up a good answer to a old question don’t be afraid to say “may I just add to the previous question”.  Giving well thought out answers  make the difference between being the number one candidate or number two.

Tip Number 3:  Yes we know about your experience.

Some interview processes involve a task such as writing a cover letter or marketing campaign. What is key when doing any sort of task is not to focus on writing about  your experience, yes maybe reference it but don’t focus on this because the company already knows about what you have done because of your CV. Instead focus on coming up with new ideas and actual content the company could use or would want to ask you about further. This type of content is much more valuable and the people in charge can get a taste of the ideas they will get if they take you on.

Tip Number 4: Don’t do this..