Jake Mitchell – After Graduation

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012|Advice, Interviews|by David Young

Jake Mitchell shares his opinion on how to keep your head above the water after graduation.

Graduation can be a great time, and a scary time. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life. If you learn to do three simple things, your post graduation job hunt will go much more smoothly.

1. Stay focused. After you graduate, most people have the tendency to slide backwards. When you are given more free time, you want to use it doing the things you normally do. You want to have fun. The biggest asset to your job hunt is to treat it as if it is a job itself. Wake up early every day, and do job hunt work from 8-5. After that you can spend the day however you like, but make sure to stay on topic for your “work day.”

2. Get help. Remember that you don’t have to do it all alone. Write up a draft of your resume, and pass it to each of your friends, but send it one at a time so each friend can upgrade upon what your last friend has changed too. By the time your resume has gone through all your friends it will be a polished gem. Also, never be afraid to ask someone you know if they may have some openings at their place of work.

3. Meet new people. Many people think getting a job online is the easiest. In reality, it is not. The majority of available jobs out there are not posted online, and some positions you apply for online already have been filled. You should spend about 2 hours a day looking online, but after that do research about job fairs, or other places where you may meet someone who could connect you with a winning position.

Following these three steps is a great way to start off your job search. If you dedicate to doing this, you will find a job in no time easily.