Three Tips for First Year Uni That Are Not in the Brochure

Thursday, September 13th, 2012|Advice, Elexu Team Posts|by Sam Watson

Today’s post comes from Elexu intern Sam who gives some personal tips for the first year of university.

As a recent graduate from student life I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the university experience, however there are somethings they don’t tell you in the brochure, so I thought I might write a few practical tips to enjoying first year of uni.

1) FIRST YEAR YAY! Second year yeh! Third year, this was a stupid idea going to university.

First year is the greatest time of your life, the first year students are the envy of all  because FIRST YEAR MARKS DON’T COUNT, that’s right all you have to do is pass and you get into second year where the grades do count towards your degree. This is the opportunity to go out every night, try new things where normally you would be scorned by the adults in your life and generally act like how students are portrayed in movies.

Also I was told university was easy before I went, well I don’t know what he was studying but it wasn’t. Its lots of hard work, you spend days on a laptop and staying up all night researching, so during the first year don’t hold anything back.

2) Prepare thy self  and delete family from thy social networks.

Be prepared not for class but having no one telling you what to do. The uni I went to had a large catholic contingent. When they were let loose from the sight of their strict parents eyes they went WILD. At no other uni would you say “damn that was a crazy night partying with Catholic house, they were doing shots off each others bodies”. Which brings me to say get rid of all family from Facebook because there will be unflattering photos of you popping up that you really don’t want your parents to see. This allows you not to worry about the judging eyes of family and just enjoy yourself. However, you are in charge of yourself so always try to think before you do something because your actions are all your own now and mum’s not there to tell you that it’s not a good idea to go out the night before a presentation.

Picture below is one that my parents reacted to saying “why is the girl pointing a giant knife at you”, I explained that our UV rave suits looked like CSI suits so we setting up a crime seen while getting ready to go out.

3) Societies!

Definitely join a club or society because its one the easiest ways to make friends and provides some great times during your student life. Try to find one that generally interests you but if you can’t join the drama society, you get a great mix of people and you can just be the curtain person. Also don’t be afraid to go to things on your own because you will have to talk to people then.

I was a member of the windsurfing club which allowed me to go to an awesome windsurfing student festival where my uni beer pong team beat Kent uni. Best bit was being the first person running into the local pub in a full Spiderman outfit shouting whilst all the locals were still there, they hadn’t been kicked out before the uni event started. I’ll never forget the looks they gave me.