Music & Photography, Part 2 – By Samantha Edgley

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After the first segment we published last week, here’s the second part of the post written by our guest blogger  Samantha Edgley about Music & Photography, two passions she regularly combines in her personal blog Beside The See Side. 

Enjoy it!


Rachel Elliott


On Sunday 19th May, I photographed Rachel Elliott at Highgate Woods. Rachel is a multi-instrumentalist. She studied classical music at Reading University, but is currently branching out and finding her own style as a singer/songwriter.


Kate Steel


There was tree climbing, prom dresses, and oodles of colourful flowers and balloons when I photographed actress and music theatre performer Kate Steel at Hampstead Heath. A fun shoot!


Damsels Most Daring


I got some live photographs when the Damsels Most Daring performed their full Edinburgh Fringe show at the West London Synagogue at Marble Arch on 27th June. The Damsel’s use of music, props, accents and ingenuity make this hour long show zoom by. Their show is lively, original & really entertaining.


Simon Lawrence



I first met Simon when we both performed as singer/songwriters at the Kings Head in Islington. Since then we have collaborated as songwriters and also performed live together. Simon Lawrence is a talented jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist.


The Mitch Daniel’s Band Live at the Islington O2 Academy2


On Friday 18th October, the Mitch Daniels Band played an amazing headline show at the Islington O2 Academy2, and they raised a lot of money for charity in the process.  I took some live photographs from this fantastic gig and also got some exclusive pics from the soundcheck. I was delighted to see my photograph of Mitch and Tom busking on the Southbank used as a poster for the show too. Fantastic evening.

Many thanks for looking at these pics, and also to the hugely talented artists/bands who have posed for my photos through 2013.


Author: Samantha Edgley


Behind the scenes of Elexu Live Lounge with Tom Moon…and a special edition with Nate Maingard!

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This weeks Elexu Live Lounge was running a bit late and we do apologise for the technical difficulties and delay. But we did get there in the end, with Tom Moon and he was amazing!

For those who missed out, here’s a short clip of his song ‘Lovely Man’.



Tom’s voice instantaneously lit up the room when he started singing, I don’t even think the microphone was needed to amplify his voice, it was naturally loud and clear, which is a handy talent when gigging in small & local pubs/bars.

To be totally honest with you, Tom may not have had any fancy techniques or be a part of a band. But the one thing he did have was raw talent, enthusiasm and just enjoying every musical opportunity that came his way. And that’s what counts at the end of the day, because without that passion and fire, how far would you be willing to go? Would you push the boundaries for something, which you felt was okay? Or if it was the one aspect of your life, which you yearned to spread to the rest of the world!

So remember, try to use every fiber in your body to push yourself past the limit! Because aiming for the sky, can become a story of your reality! Embrace your talent and shine through the darkness!

Usually we don’t get to see Nate perform one of his pieces, but this week he saw Tom’s guitar and jumped at the chance to be able to play with his guitar. Many of you may remember him from our very first Elexu Live Lounge, and look how far he’s come. He’s got a new EP out “In the Shadows”, so any Nate Maingard fans out there check it out and enjoy!



Hope you guys enjoyed last weeks Live Lounge, and see you next Tuesday, 3rd of December at 4:30pm (London time).

…Stay tuned with Elexu and spread the music!!!


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Screenwriting 3: “Dialogue” by J. West

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JAC (40s) wannabee screenwriter -- talks to herself. Nothing
new there then. Although there's no sound...
ALFIE (5) moggie cat, the local, writing consultant peers at
her suspiciously.
          Is it meds time?

Jac, as usual, ignores him.
          Ooo I've got it! Don't tell me,
          this blog post is about dialogue.

Jac physically holds the sarcasm back --

          Why, Alfie. You're such a clever 
          kitty. Who knew?

Alfie throws Jac a sneaky look.

          I knew.
          Go on then, smarty, fluff-pants,
          how do you write decent dialogue?

Alfie closes his eyes, he takes his time to contemplate. He
Jac nudges him.

          Don0t be mean. I'm thinking.
          Yes. Exactly that -- be mean.

Alfie blinks his eyes open, confused.

          Eh. Mow?
          Remember to read through, and
          always edit. I find reading pages
          in the wrong order helps. And be:
          economical, natural, expressional.
          Made up word.
          You get me.
          Yes, sadly, i do. Are we talking
          like young people now? Like.
          No. Wait. Are we? No, don't
          over-write accents. Leave that to
          the actors and director to sort
          out. You can hint at one now and
          again, to keep the character real,
          but, don't overdo it.

Alfie nods.

          I bet there's a whole list of what
          not to dos.
          A few. Avoid: stiff, forced, fake,
          dialogue. And try not to express
          every emotion or fact too.
          So avoid how people really talk, in
          real life, for really real?
          Yep, pretty much. Plus on top of
          that, try and give each character
          their own voice, to reflect their
          individual personality. So
          naturally, if that character is
          meant to be funny, their speech
          should reflect that. The challenge
          comes when you have to balance
          dialogue and the action lines to
          show a complex character. And
          unless vital to the plot, don't 
          allow one person to dominate too
          much, letting them go on, and on,
          and --
          Soliloquy alert!

Jac jumps.
          Ahem. Yes. That.
          Ooo eck. Does this writing malarky,
          ever get easy?

Alfie stretches on the back of the sofa and sighs.

          Not sure this writing life is for
          me, ya know. I might just stick to
          professional sleeper.
          A tip for your writing thoughts --
          read your dialogue, out loud. It
          really helps to pick up something
          that doesn't sound right, or hear a 
          word that's out of place.
          Ah, of course, makes sense.

Jac sits up, smug.

           Why, does it explain all those
           weird conversations I have with you?
           Oh. Thanks a lot.

Alfie shouts his eyes with a purr.
Jac deflated and stares forlornly at her laptop.

                                                                                       FADE OUT.

Author: J. West 

NOTE: Unfortunately blogging platforms don’t allow to maintain the typical screenwriting format, 
and it’s why the page formatting is out of sync. Please, open the following links to see the script as it should be:
Page1 - Page2 - Page3 - Page4 - Page5

Music & Photography – By Samantha Edgley

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Throughout 2013 I have combined my two main interests – music and photography.

I have undertaken location photo shoots, and captured images from some truly fantastic gigs. I would like to share with you some photographs of the amazing bands/artists who have appeared in my photoblog during this year.

So here is the first installment of my blog for Elexu…the second part will come soon!


AJ Holmes & the Hackney Empire


I joined A.J. Holmes & the Hackney Empire at the launch party for their debut album Wedding at the Victoria, Dalston on 26th January 2013. I’d seen the band live a few times before and have always had a fantastic time. This concert was no exception; the venue was completely packed and filled with a real party atmosphere.


Wytham Wood


Wytham Wood was an Oxford-based folk band, comprised of Anneli Chambliss (Lead vocals, guitar) and Jules Dickinson (Lead guitar, vocals). Anneli and I have been friends since we were both students at Oxford and we have always shared a love for music and art.

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to hear Wytham Wood perform live at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford, on Sunday 17th February; such beautiful songs and really emotive music.

Very sadly lead guitarist Jules passed away this year.


Pilgrim’s Process (Musical Theatre)



St James’s Church in Muswell Hill put on a fantastic production of Pilgrim’s Progress in March.

Everything from the acting, live music, lighting, costumes, etc, was truly impressive. It was a great show, which not only illustrates the depth of talent that can be enjoyed locally, but is also a testament to the way hard work & focus can turn an artistic idea into a solid reality that has the power to affect many.


Mitch Daniel’s and Tom Triggs Busking at the Southbank


I first met singer/songwriter Mitch Daniels when we were both studying a music business course at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in 2012.

This May I joined Mitch & percussionist Tom Triggs for a photoshoot as they busked on the Southbank. It was brilliant – A beautiful location, early evening sunshine, and loads of fantastic music. :-)


Helen Lloyd



Helen Lloyd & I were band mates in the past, so it was great to collaborate again – this time on a photoshoot.

Helen Lloyd is a singer/songwriter/musician/music producer from North London, who creates beautiful, stirring music.

In the May Bank Holiday sunshine we did an on-location shoot at Alexandra Palace.


…To Be Continued…

Author: Samantha Edgley


Behind the scene of the Live Lounge with Torben Tietz

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Torben Tietz & Nate Maingard

You would think that, after all the Live Lounge events, the experience will be the same for all the artists coming through Elexu doors. Nope!

Each artist has their own individual taste in music, style and a personal flare which makes them who they are! I respect and hope that all musicians/artists out there fulfill their hopes and dreams!

Last week was quiet but entertaining. One of our colleagues Alice was ill and wasn’t able to make it, her liveliness presence was dearly missed! Even our host Nate Maingard was feeling poorly, but as they say“the show must go on!” and that it did.

Torben Tietz was something special. His amazing talent to play the guitar in a unique way was really fascinating! He really knew how multifunctional a musical instrument can be, which also showed how imaginative he is.

Torben was calm, cool and collected, showing no signs of nervousness. Once his performance started, his voice was bouncing off all four walls, sending chills down my spine. And as cheesy as that may sound, trust me when I say that his playing technique was different & interesting to watch!

Thank you Torben for joining Elexu and thanks Nate for hosting even though you was ill!


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Net The Bed – The Mitch Daniels Band live

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After 12+ months planning this charity gig, finally the Mitch Daniels Band reached the long awaited day:Net The Bed!

Here’s a post written by Mitch for us about their performance at the O2 Academy2 Islington, and a follow up about the results the band reached through this charity gig.


A one night only show performed by The Mitch Daniels Band on Friday 18th October 2013 at the O2 Academy2 Islington


We had been planning Net The Bed all year and it was a major project for us, so when the day finally came around there was a mixture of emotions amongst the band from excited to stressed and plain exhaustion!

Once the stage was set however, the doors opened, the room started to fill up and all those feelings then turned into nervous excitement and energy. The room was buzzing when we came on stage, it felt incredible and we were absolutely blown away by the turnout and the response we got.

In total we raised £900.00, enough for 180 mosquito nets, all of which went directly to the charity Malaria No More UK which specialises in Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN’s) which have insecticide impregnated into the fabric of the net so it does not wash out. They work to save lives by investing in prevention, diagnosis and treatment and so far it has distributed over 5 million nets and is part a global effort that has seen a significant drop in deaths from malaria by 26% since 2000.

We now hope to build on what we have achieved and perhaps make #NetTheBed an annual event.

Once again, we cannot thank everyone enough for the support. To those who came, and to all those who contributed but couldn’t make it, thank you. It was a really great night!

Author: Mitch Daniel

Screenwriting 2: “Characters” by J. West

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JAC (40s) wannabee screenwriter -- scratches her head, and
slurps coffee. She takes a moment before bashing on the
laptop keyboard.

          Characters... characters.

ALFIE (5) cat, local, writing consultant -- is curled up, on
the back of the sofa. He tries miserably, not to nod off.
          Are you even awake?
          Yep. I’m with you. Mow.
          So once you have the bare bones of
          your story, it’s time to flesh it
          all out.
          My intelligent side says eww. My
          feline side says yummm...

Jac ignores the silly kitty.

          So, fuzzy, smarty pants, how do you
          write characters?
          Base them on smart cats you know?
          That’s me of course, not you.
          Ha. You could do. I hate to admit,
          some reality T.V. shows have a
          great range of entertaining peeps.
          Let’s not get silly here.

The two exchange a look.

          For me, it’s a combination of their
          words in their dialogue. And what        
          they do, in the action lines. One
          has to back the other up. The
          combination can create a real,
          three dimensional person.
          So it’s not great to have them say
          they’re sad, then go dancing, all
          merry like.
          Not really. Plus, you actually want
          to avoid people saying outright,
          exactly how they feel.
          Wait? What, you wouldn’t?

Jac shakes her head, and points to her nose.

          Doesn’t make much sense to me, and
          makes writing peeps doubly hard.
          Yep. But we’ll tackle dialogue next
          time. With characters you do need
          to concentrate on showing quirks,
          flaws and all.
          Claws and all.
          Geeze, you’re in a daft mood today.
          I would work better, if you fed me,


          Too early, but nice try.
          Meh. So reality sucks. Ergo.

Alfie shoots a leg up. Duly cleans said leg.

          Do all characters have to be real


          Depends. For comedy for instance,
          or even horror at times, you can
          get away with less developed
          people. But I think, for any story,
          especially like a drama, it helps
          to have your characters grounded on
          convincing personality traits.
          Hmm. Interesting... so they can be
          as simple or complex as you want.
          Use yourself, and what would you do
          in that situation. Like method
          acting, darling...
          Whatever suits the story needs.
          Well I can tell you now, this furry
          character needs feeding.
          You, my kitty friend, have a one

         track mind.

          No. I also think a lot about

Alfie yawns.

          And as exciting as this chat is, I
          might just close my eyes for a
          while. But please believe me, when
          I tell you that I’m listening, that
          I’m not.



          You may pay me in tuna.

Jac snaps the laptop shut in a huff.

                                       FADE OUT.


Author: J. West


NOTE: Unfortunately blogging platforms don’t allow to maintain the typical screenwriting format, and it’s why the page formatting is out of sync. Please, open the following links to see the script as it should be.

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