Visit to ‘The Other Art Fair’

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Over the weekend of the 25th-28th of April 2013, The Other Art Fair took place at London. The Other Art Fair serves as a platform for undiscovered artists to independently showcase their work to gallerists, curators, critics and collectors. The four days provided artists not just to sell their work, but also to evaluate the reaction of the public to their pieces and build contacts for future collaborations.

The Other Art Fair not only helps artists during the four day fair but throughout the year. They support artists through free seminars and workshops, provide opportunity to sell online and connect individuals with companies and associations. Through the connection with The Other Art Fair, artists have been able to gain work with galleries in London, Paris, New York and Berlin.

One of the greatest advantages of visiting The Other Art Fair was the interaction with various artists. One gets to discuss the art pieces with the artists like finding the meaning behind them or understanding the different techniques used in the creation processes.

When visiting The Other Art Fair, I found a number of talented artists showing all different forms of art that were on display, making it an interesting environment. All of the artists were more than happy to talk about their pieces and what their inspirations were. I enjoyed the personal conversation about the artists and their background. Their conversations gave me a greater appreciation for their work. Also, I thought it was nice that they had an area where children were able to go and create different crafts.


The top 5 artists that I found are:

1) Rachel Ann Stevenson who had amazing statues that were a combination of realistic yet abstract characteristics. The pieces had a sense of darkness yet were beautiful at the same time, which is what really drew my interest. My favorite piece of work that was displayed was a man who was wearing a top hat with bunny ears. To me the piece had a very elegant appearance and reminded me of a ballet dancer.

2) Cat Soubbotnik with amazing photographs. They were many normal objects that she was able to add a distinct and interesting twist  to.

3) Nigel Moores with beautiful paintings. His work was very deep and made me look at all aspects of the painting. His work was more abstract than some of the other artists, which made him unique and hence his art stood out from others.

4) Urbantag with beautiful and artistic photographs. His pictures were very moving and made you think deeper into what was actually being photographed. I liked his use of different flags shown in the photographs.

5) The Family Business had very talented artists doing live tattooing. This was interesting because the artist must be able to create an image that someone else is imagining. The work shown at this station was all very neat and clean. Some of the tattoos that were on display looked very realistic and looked more like a painting than a typical tattoo.

Elexu Creative Live Fan Challenge winner is…..

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Vincent Cui!!!


For all those who are wondering what we are talking about, here it is!

Vincent receiving his award

Creative Live 3 finished with a bang on the 23rd of February 2013 at The Social, Oxford Circus. Check out the teaser video of our event of that night – To make the event more peppy and competitive, we decided to conduct a challenge for our artists, who were performing on that day. Participants who were set for the challenge were band Mercia, singer Alba, boy band The Ignition Boys, photographers Vincent Cui, Thomas Sergeant and Shure Yu!

The competition started a few weeks before our Creative Live Event and it was simple. All our artists had to do was bring in their supporters to the event and whoever brought in the largest number, bags an exciting prize! Now, isn’t that fun?!

It was a close competition considering the fan following our artists have but we can have just one winner! And our winner, Vincent Cui, walked away with an ‘’artsy’’ prize. Vincent is now a proud owner of a National Art Pass for a year! What more? He gets good discounts at major exhibitions, free entry to over 200 museums, galleries and historic houses and become a member of the Art Fund, who help museums and galleries all over the UK to buy great art! Now that’s what we call, being a ‘responsible artist’! Great going, Vincent!

Brief on our visual artist, Vincent Cui.

Born October 31, 1980 in Beijing, China, Vincent currently lives and works in London.

From a young age Vincent Cui has been interested in a variety of art forms. His first inspirations came from the deep rooted traditions of Chinese culture found in his home town of Beijing. In his early teens he learned to play guitar and in high school built his own rock band. Whilst exploring different media throughout his teens he has learnt sound engineering, mastered recording technology and joined this together with a passion for photography.

Gaining industry experience within the documentary department of BTV strengthened his knowledge and skills within Journalism, Directing and Editorial positions.

In 2006 he created his own photography business, opening his own studio and worked commercially for major magazines and brands. In 2009 he came to London to study MA Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. After graduating, he started up Vincent Cui Studio in East London and has since showcased a proven ability to deliver outstanding photographic projects.

Vincent’s work showcased during Creative Live was the Green Smoke collection and a short film named ‘Sleepwalking’.