Creative Live 3!

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Hiya! Emily from the events team here.

After overindulging myself in December, I definitely burnt a few calories by whirling around London in January trying to find the best venue and planning our next event.

Et voila!

The events team can proudly confirm and announce that Elexu Creative Live is happening again! This time it will be held at

The Social bar/club by Oxford Circus on Saturday 23rd February! As usual, you guys can expect amazing entertainment including: live music, photography and short films. The full set list has yet to be confirmed, so if you (or someone you know) would be interested in showcasing your creative talent, please email me at before the 10th February and we will get a conversation rolling!

For this event, we’ll be hanging out at a venue where the Chemical Brothers have played and recorded an album, enjoying fantastic acts, sipping on chilled beverages (perhaps even sampling their “bar experiment” LTD which offers interesting cocktails) and networking with like minded individuals. We are super excited here at the Elexu office and we really hope you guys can come and enjoy the fun night we’ve organised!


It is £5 at the door, but if you sign-up to the Elexu platform, we will send you an e-ticket with a unique QR code and pin (*proud moment for events and development team*) that will gain you entry for £2 at the door! Visit and sign up online to reserve your place. Remember to include your:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • VIP Access Code: CRE8LIV3
If you are already signed up on the Elexu platform, please send your RSVP to We look forward to seeing you all!


Elexu Live Lounge – Eloise Rees

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Here it is! The first full footage from the first Elexu Live Lounge.  Eloise Rees is an emerging singer/songwriter from Oxford who performed at Creative Live 2 an event Elexu held for the creative community. She was kind enough to allow us to interview her  about about her career, music and future.

Also she recorded some amazing live songs for us which can be found on this page including Escape the Static  a new song from her upcoming EP and an amazing cover of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode.

Check out Eloise’s Facebook page here for more music and upcoming performances.


The Interview: 

Escape the Static 

Depeche Mode Personal Jesus (Acoustic Cover)

Four Tips for Interviews

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When you first graduate from University or are applying for an internship as part of your Uni program, your first higher level interview can be an intimidating task.  In the elexu office we have all done our fair share of interviews including the one for Elexu. Here are 4 tips for interviewing that you should increase your chances.

Tip Number 1: Prepare!!

If the position really matters to you then you should have no lack of motivation to spend some time before the interview researching and preparing. For example if you are going for an interview for graphic design then why not design a few things in the image of the company to show off what you can do. Extra credit goes along way and will no doubt give you an edge against the people who didn’t bring anything. Same for marketing, why not draft up an event strategy with budget and social media campaign  for your interviewer. These sorts of actions show off your dedicated personality and innovating skills.

Also read about the company and what is does, look at their social media and what they have done in the past. If you can bring up the research that you have done to the interviewer then they will no doubt be impressed.

Come on! You have  a degree you should no trouble looking at a computer for hours.  Remember the interview is not really about you its about the company!

Tip Number 2: Would you like some syrup with your waffle?

Just to be clear Waffle is a slang term when someone is speaking…and just carries on speaking but does not really say anything meaningful. Waffle is deadly to your chances of getting that position. The interviewer asks a question and you talk so much that they get bored or say nothing meaningful…deadly.

When the interviewer asks you a question take your time and think, don’t just start talking. Formulate your answer first and if you think up a good answer to a old question don’t be afraid to say “may I just add to the previous question”.  Giving well thought out answers  make the difference between being the number one candidate or number two.

Tip Number 3:  Yes we know about your experience.

Some interview processes involve a task such as writing a cover letter or marketing campaign. What is key when doing any sort of task is not to focus on writing about  your experience, yes maybe reference it but don’t focus on this because the company already knows about what you have done because of your CV. Instead focus on coming up with new ideas and actual content the company could use or would want to ask you about further. This type of content is much more valuable and the people in charge can get a taste of the ideas they will get if they take you on.

Tip Number 4: Don’t do this..



Elexu Live Lounge – Eloise Rees Preview

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Hello Elexu Community we are so excited to bring you the first video from the Elexu Live lounge.

This is just a preview of the interview and other songs we recorded with amazing musician Eloise Rees. This song is called Escape The Static which is from Eloise’s new EP released later this year.


If you would like to perform at The Elexu Live Lounge then please contact Sam at with the subject as Elexu live Lounge.

Not Your Average Internship

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When you join the Elexu family as an intern you get an experience that will most likely be like no other internship or job you have done before.  One of the best things of being an Elexu intern is the atmosphere. In the office there is plenty of joking, chat and work…even from some of the executives. It has been described by one intern as being a little but like university which is great if you have just graduated and have not adjusted to the real world yet. At Elexu we encourage an innovative and friendly atmosphere and you will most likely make some great friends throughout your internship.

This leads me to one of the other aspects of being an Elexu intern that is most likely not like other internships, which is that you are free to innovate, there are few restrictions of what you can create within the workplace as long as it’s acceptable. This is what is so great when working for an emerging organisation, that everything is not set in stone. For example I was put in charge for a week of the other interns and general goings on (Dangerous move Elexu….dangerous move). Anyway, I started and organised “Elexu live Lounge” which is where a musician comes down and gets video interviewed, we record some of their songs live and put the songs on the Elexu sound cloud. Seriously the executives had little knowledge of this until the day and it was a massive success. So this internship empowers you to create and show off what you  can do and now the “Elexu live lounge” is now something we really want to ramp up in the coming year.

Anyway back to behind the scenes. Every now and then we as interns like to organize days out to places that you may not have seen or do activities that you have not done before. So if you are coming from another country this is a great way of doing things that may not have crossed your mind to do when deciding what to do in merry old England.

Recently Some of the Elexu team went indoor paintballing, it was loads of fun and two interns who had never been before got to experience the thrill of diving for cover as paint rushes past their ears. We all had a few bruises, but it was worth it.  Also watch out for Martin (head of research and development) he was a bit of a paintball beast.

A second trip that I was head organizer of was the trip to one of Europe’s best theme park “Thorpe park” which has a number of roller coasters and adrenaline pumping rides. A great experience for some of the international interns since something like this is a rare experience for them. Plus is worth seeing the fear on a senior intern Elliot’s face as we queued for ride called detonator.

At Elexu we are not just a workforce, we are a family. So if you do end up joining the Elexu team expect work and fun in equal measure. Also I have a number of trips in mind for the coming year so now is a good time to join, so good luck in your interviews… Zorbing anyone?

Written by
Sam (associate at Elexu)

The Perfect Gentleman

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Elexu was lucky enough to land an interview with serial entrepreneur Zach Falconer-Barfield the mastermind being the Perfect Gentleman experience. The Perfect Gentleman course is designed to teach you how to be a gentleman which will give you an advantage in your professional, personal and love life. Details about how to attend the course are below but first here is the interview:

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

The core of being a Gentleman is all about Respect; Style; the Commons of Manners, Courtesy, Decency and Sense; and lastly but not least Chivalry. The “Gentleman” is an ideal that lasted over 700 years and it worked.  However, it has faded over the last 80 years, the skills unfortunately are not being taught by anyone anymore and we believe that they could make the world a much better place.

How does being a gentleman help with your career?

In business and your career, people do business with and hire people not just their CVs nor track record, therefore being considered a “gentleman” champions a set of values and skills which gives you the edge.

For example, “First impressions count”, if you walk into an interview; a business meeting or any similar situation and you’re a stylishly and smartly dressed, quietly confident and courteous that alone will increase your standing and your chances of success.

It is the intangibles that make all the difference, knowing how to work the room and how to make small talk; knowing which glass to use at an important business dinner, knowing what gift ‘not’ to bring to your Chinese host.  These are all the skills that are not taught at that top flight business school or graduate programme.

Benefits in other aspects of life?
Benefits can be found everywhere in life with being a gentleman, but I suppose one key area is in romance and relationships. Through being that gentleman and re-discovering the lost art of wooing and romance, he can sweep the lady off her feet and BE her Prince Charming.

What was the reason for starting these events and the movement of teaching others how to be a Gentleman?

Two reasons started me on the path for launching the Perfect Gentleman.

Firstly, a very good female friend of mine asked me to teach her then boyfriend to be more like me, a gentleman. Very flattered, I laughed it off but when 3 other female friends of mine said similar things over a short period of time, I thought there must be something to it.

Secondly, I was becoming more and more fed up with the lack of manners that people displayed, for example the absence of basic pleases and thank yous.

I discovered, that these things are not being taught anymore: schools don’t;  it has dropped of the busy parents list of ‘to dos’; nor is there a finishing school for men in the world. So we thought we had better start one and we are hugely excited by the response.

Is there a specific moment where being gentleman gave you the advantage and someone not being a gentleman a disadvantage?

Many moments come to mind, but one that I think illustrates the point well was when I attended an exclusive, invite only, cocktail party a few years ago.  I was engaged in conversation with a group of people and one man in the group was bragging and being crass, I took it upon myself to a steer both the conversation and him away from the group and once I had deposited him at the bar returned to the group. One of the people from the group found me sometime later and awarded my company a lucrative contract.  When I asked the person why, they said it was because of my gentlemanly conduct that night.  (I subsequently discovered that the “crass man” was actually in line for the contract.)

Do you ever take off the gentleman persona? 

It is not a persona.  A Gentleman is who you are, or indeed rather who you choose to become. It is an intrinsic part of you, therefore how cannot you ‘take it off”.


The Perfect Gentleman Course  12th & 13th of January 

True Gentlemen are not born they are made

These 2 Days will give you all the skills to make you that man

The skills we teach include:

  • Mind-set & Confidence
  • The Art of Being Well Groomed
  • The Ability to Dress with Style
  • Learn Excellent Manners & Etiquette
  • The Lost Art of Wooing & Romance
  • Developing Business Relationships

Click on the heading to find out all about the perfect gentleman event.



Interview with Siwei Yang

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Siwei Yang is the Manger of one of China’s most successful actresses Fan Bingbing. She was kind enough to complete an interview about her career tips for getting into acting and more.

1) What are some tips for being a good artist manager?

As a promoter one of the best tips I can give you is that you are a story teller.  Don’t just package an artist which generic events and PR stunts, you need to tell their story because that is what people really want to hear and every artist is unique you need to use that to your advantage. I got to be introduced to Fang BingBing by impressing her at an event with my own PR stunts. As a promoter which is one of the  first steps before becoming a manger is to really make your events special and get the public talking, since a actor/actress is only as famous as the amount of people talking about them.  As a manger you need to be flexible and think on your feet, any problems that arise you need to adjust to make them turn to your advantage. Quick thinking is key. I think what I am doing now is quite similar to being a lawyer so I enjoy it.

I believe that to be a promoter or manger of artists you need to be strong willed. If you want something, are determined enough and a you believe in yourself then nothing can stop you, you will be motivated to get it using any resources you have. This applies to everything I do not just my job. This is a key principle I live my life by.  Also I think I had a bit of luck on my side which never hurts to have.

2) How do you gain an artist’s trust?

I think you meet an artist and you just click. You can have a portfolio and have all the experience in the world but if you don’t get on with your artist and your personalities don’t work well together then you will never succeed with them. I worked with Bingbing once and we just clicked, she really appreciated the work I did and I have been her manager ever since.

3) What qualities of Bing Bing make you want to work with her?

Bing Bing is very intelligent, has a high EQ, loyal to her friends and has a great personality which is what really helps. If you have those qualities it’s hard not to be successful. Also she is beautiful which also helps but this is not the most important factor since there are plenty of beautiful people that are failed artists. What they really need is a good manager *wink *wink*.

4) Why do you put all eggs in one basket?

I could choose to manage many artists but I choose just to manage one because with BingBing I get the best resources in the industry and I can focus on her which is a great advantage to her.

5) How do you use social media to promote? What do you think of the role that social media play in promotion.

Social media is a fantastic platform it provides quick access to your audience. However social media is hard to control  so you need to posted quickly and smartly to negative information, promote good information often as to keep the audience engaged and interested in your artist. This applies for artists as well you need to be a good source of information and entertainment on your social media page as to keep people interested and attract new audience. Tell some good stories and people will always listen.

We have a whole system of how to categorized and react to news. Because when you work with others people responses to information differently when you really need to only response in one concise way. If you respond to news a multiple ways this can have a negative impact.

To finish off if you manage an artist they need to be nicely dressed or edgy dressed every time they appear in front of the camera because people aren’t interested in normal. You need to be the fire not the moth. It’s your job to help your artist set the trends that people follow.