Learn how to make video with no budget

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There is a widely spread misperception that making a video is very expensive. Unfortunately this stops a lot of businesses from engaging with their target audience through this extremely powerful medium and hence missing a huge opportunity to make money.

In this article we will break this myth and show you how you can start producing high quality videos on almost no budget.

This week I had an opportunity to attend a video making workshop by Training-n-Promo run by a BBC veteran Neil Ben. Neil teaches small and medium business owners and marketers how to make HD videos using nothing else than their smartphones and headphones.

Neil started by explaining the technical aspects of filming on a smartphone, how to capture great sound and gave us an introduction into lighting. But that was just the beginning.

You don’t learn until you do what you’ve listened to. And to me, the practical experience, was the most important part of the training. I feel we spent more time working on videos than we spent listening to theory and that’s the main reason the workshop was so valuable.

We, people, are usually quite shy in front of a camera. Having a safe and supportive environment with others like us and someone who pushes us out of our comfort zone to actually do it is absolutely invaluable.

If you are an SME business owner, marketer, freelancer or for example a musician – sign up to the next Training-n-Promo workshop and discover, like I did, how easy it is to produce great quality videos through your smartphone.

As a bonus, here is one of the practice videos I made on my own during the workshop on my iPhone 4 (if you have a newer phone like 4S or iPhone 5, the quality would be even higher).

If I can do it, so can you!

PS: If you can’t attend the workshop near London, Neil has also got an online training called 10 Minute BluePrint.

Elexu Channels are coming

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Enjoy the anthem for our Crowdfunding channel by wonderful Ali Spagnola and then read on to find out what we are up to.

There are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s 16 years worth of video uploaded each day. Incredible, isn’t it? But, how much of this content is actually worth watching?

Unfortunately not that much. To find something really good to watch on Youtube is quite time consuming and often painful. But there are some absolute gems in the vast field of mediocre content and that’s why we are introducing Elexu channels.

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How to turn off ads on your Youtube videos

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You have made an amazing video and you can’t wait to share it with the world. The problem is that Youtube keeps showing the annoying pop up banner with third party ads. Don’t worry, you can easily turn that off. Read on to find out how.
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How I see TV Advertising of tomorrow

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A while ago we created this video for an innovation in digital advertising contest organized by IC Tomorrow. This video concisely summarizes our perspective of the challenges TV advertising (and subsequently whole TV industry) faces today. Enjoy!

It’s certainly scary times for traditional broadcasters. New technologies are shaking the traditional business model, advertisers are shifting their money online, viewers’ change the ways they consume video content and a whole army of new competitors is forming on the internet getting ready to disrupt the whole industry.

We are absolutely thrilled about this revolution. We believe it will bring a lot of good – more relevant and useful content, more engaged viewers and less of the annoying advertising.

Advertising is a cornerstone of TV – it works well when there are millions of viewers watching a single show but it clearly wouldn’t be sufficient to fund a show with tens of thousands of viewers. Yet we believe that the future of TV is all about these shows. Smaller but much more engaged audiences consuming niche content.

We can’t wait for this future TV to become a reality and seeing that Youtube is too busy trying to replicate the old TV advertising model, we have decided to build the tools for the broadcasters and producers of tomorrow ourselves. We want to empower them with video tools that will bring them closer to their audiences and allow their community to pay back more directly and meaningfully than in the indirect TV advertising model.

We strongly believe there is a way to make a decent profit through video – and I don’t mean just viral comedy sketches and cats videos.

A New Beginning

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New Beginning

Six months ago we launched iVO, our interactive video player. We had built iVO to help video content owners get their viewers more engaged and to enable a two way communication between the two parties. We have spoken to a large number of people: potential clients, partners and even competitors to identify the core opportunities in the market and find how we and iVO could help people and organizations build stronger relationships with their audiences.

This past half a year has been an absolutely amazing ride and it showed us a whole new world and high value opportunities for brands, video producers, owners of community based websites and their audiences.

Video is the most powerful medium when it comes to establishing an emotional connection with viewers but video monetization model is broken. Forcing viewers to watch irrelevant advertising annoys them. This wasn’t that big problem on TV when the viewers didn’t have much choice but the power has shifted, nowadays there the viewers have many more options and they are in control so advertisers have to earn trust and permission to market in order to succeed.

Our focus is to help brands and community-based websites deepen the relationships with their existing communities as well as help them grow in size. The way we plan to do is through creation of curated and formatted video channels that their target audiences want to watch.

On this blog we will be sharing more about our vision of future TV, we will be showcasing role models who use video particularly well, we will bring you news from the future TV industry and tips on how to produce and monetize videos.

Whether you are an owner of a community-based website, marketer, SEO specialist, video maker or if you are crazy passionate about a specific topic – sign up to this blog and join us on the journey. You won’t regret it.

#ElexuLiveLounge’s photo reportage by Samantha Edgley

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Samantha Edgley, author of several posts for the Elexu’s blog, visited us two weeks ago to capture with her camera the best moments of the Live Lounge with Nate Maingard and Roaman.

Have a look to her pics…aren’t they fabulous?! 












Photos by @Samantha Edgley

Behind the Scenes of the Elexu Live Lounge with our very own Nate Maingard!

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Where to begin…

This weeks the #ElexuLiveLounge was an experience words cannot describe! In the sense that it was soo relaxing, that everyone made themselves feel at home, aside the tech team in the background, who were slowly losing their marbles.

The atmosphere had a positive vibe and the afternoon felt soulful and pleasantly refreshing!

 2013-12-03 16.32.16

This week our usual host was the guest of the show, Nate Maingard, with Roaman taking over Nate’s place.

These two couldn’t have been paired with anyone better! Both musicians were talking before the Live Lounge and after the Live Lounge, constant chatter! Which in fact made the event more entertaining.

The Live Lounge finished, and we still got them on camera expressing their love for one another’s style or shoes, or life or music. But I have to admit, that’s the beauty of someone’s personality, their openness and love makes you love them for who they are!

Just like Nate said “I’m a hopeful romantic, being romantic is a real possibility, as life is more enjoyable that way!


Nate’s concept of how he lives life, is inspirational and to some of us out there, relatable. Sometimes it’s nice hear & see someone who is reaching out to those who aren’t able to express themselves. His whole aura oozes of endearment and nourishing others with his vast knowledge of enhancing one’s life.

I’ve always been a big believer in living my life by taking an ethical & honest approach. And some people in my life haven’t been so understanding or supportive of my choices, but after listening to Nate talk with Roaman, I’m starting to believe that ‘If this is how I want to live, then so be it! No-one else’s opinion should matter if I want to make sure I don’t leave a misguided footprint in this life’ Enough about me, back to Nate!

2013-12-03 16.36.59

Everyone at Elexu hopes that Nate Maingard does get to travel the world and sail all the seven seas! Because his talent isn’t just with his voice or guitar, it’s everything else about him that makes him fascinating and beautiful. We hope your new EP ‘In the Shadows’ (which you all should check out!) is a great success.

I luckily received his EP as  a farewell gift and the tracks on there are amazing! It immediately touches your heart and puts you in a musical trance. No doubt Nate and Roaman will be legendary!

So this weeks Live Lounge was certainly an event I will always remember! Surrounded by artists who shine at what they pour their heart into and loving people. Keep checking out Elexu Live Lounge for upcoming talented musicians!


Till the 17th of December at 4.30pm, it’s time to bid adieu to you all!


Author:Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Music & Photography, Part 2 – By Samantha Edgley

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After the first segment we published last week, here’s the second part of the post written by our guest blogger  Samantha Edgley about Music & Photography, two passions she regularly combines in her personal blog Beside The See Side. 

Enjoy it!


Rachel Elliott


On Sunday 19th May, I photographed Rachel Elliott at Highgate Woods. Rachel is a multi-instrumentalist. She studied classical music at Reading University, but is currently branching out and finding her own style as a singer/songwriter.


Kate Steel


There was tree climbing, prom dresses, and oodles of colourful flowers and balloons when I photographed actress and music theatre performer Kate Steel at Hampstead Heath. A fun shoot!


Damsels Most Daring


I got some live photographs when the Damsels Most Daring performed their full Edinburgh Fringe show at the West London Synagogue at Marble Arch on 27th June. The Damsel’s use of music, props, accents and ingenuity make this hour long show zoom by. Their show is lively, original & really entertaining.


Simon Lawrence



I first met Simon when we both performed as singer/songwriters at the Kings Head in Islington. Since then we have collaborated as songwriters and also performed live together. Simon Lawrence is a talented jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist.


The Mitch Daniel’s Band Live at the Islington O2 Academy2


On Friday 18th October, the Mitch Daniels Band played an amazing headline show at the Islington O2 Academy2, and they raised a lot of money for charity in the process.  I took some live photographs from this fantastic gig and also got some exclusive pics from the soundcheck. I was delighted to see my photograph of Mitch and Tom busking on the Southbank used as a poster for the show too. Fantastic evening.

Many thanks for looking at these pics, and also to the hugely talented artists/bands who have posed for my photos through 2013.


Author: Samantha Edgley


Behind the scenes of Elexu Live Lounge with Tom Moon…and a special edition with Nate Maingard!

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This weeks Elexu Live Lounge was running a bit late and we do apologise for the technical difficulties and delay. But we did get there in the end, with Tom Moon and he was amazing!

For those who missed out, here’s a short clip of his song ‘Lovely Man’.



Tom’s voice instantaneously lit up the room when he started singing, I don’t even think the microphone was needed to amplify his voice, it was naturally loud and clear, which is a handy talent when gigging in small & local pubs/bars.

To be totally honest with you, Tom may not have had any fancy techniques or be a part of a band. But the one thing he did have was raw talent, enthusiasm and just enjoying every musical opportunity that came his way. And that’s what counts at the end of the day, because without that passion and fire, how far would you be willing to go? Would you push the boundaries for something, which you felt was okay? Or if it was the one aspect of your life, which you yearned to spread to the rest of the world!

So remember, try to use every fiber in your body to push yourself past the limit! Because aiming for the sky, can become a story of your reality! Embrace your talent and shine through the darkness!

Usually we don’t get to see Nate perform one of his pieces, but this week he saw Tom’s guitar and jumped at the chance to be able to play with his guitar. Many of you may remember him from our very first Elexu Live Lounge, and look how far he’s come. He’s got a new EP out “In the Shadows”, so any Nate Maingard fans out there check it out and enjoy!



Hope you guys enjoyed last weeks Live Lounge, and see you next Tuesday, 3rd of December at 4:30pm (London time).

…Stay tuned with Elexu and spread the music!!!


Author: Ayshah Mubeen Butt

Screenwriting 3: “Dialogue” by J. West

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JAC (40s) wannabee screenwriter -- talks to herself. Nothing
new there then. Although there's no sound...
ALFIE (5) moggie cat, the local, writing consultant peers at
her suspiciously.
          Is it meds time?

Jac, as usual, ignores him.
          Ooo I've got it! Don't tell me,
          this blog post is about dialogue.

Jac physically holds the sarcasm back --

          Why, Alfie. You're such a clever 
          kitty. Who knew?

Alfie throws Jac a sneaky look.

          I knew.
          Go on then, smarty, fluff-pants,
          how do you write decent dialogue?

Alfie closes his eyes, he takes his time to contemplate. He
Jac nudges him.

          Don0t be mean. I'm thinking.
          Yes. Exactly that -- be mean.

Alfie blinks his eyes open, confused.

          Eh. Mow?
          Remember to read through, and
          always edit. I find reading pages
          in the wrong order helps. And be:
          economical, natural, expressional.
          Made up word.
          You get me.
          Yes, sadly, i do. Are we talking
          like young people now? Like.
          No. Wait. Are we? No, don't
          over-write accents. Leave that to
          the actors and director to sort
          out. You can hint at one now and
          again, to keep the character real,
          but, don't overdo it.

Alfie nods.

          I bet there's a whole list of what
          not to dos.
          A few. Avoid: stiff, forced, fake,
          dialogue. And try not to express
          every emotion or fact too.
          So avoid how people really talk, in
          real life, for really real?
          Yep, pretty much. Plus on top of
          that, try and give each character
          their own voice, to reflect their
          individual personality. So
          naturally, if that character is
          meant to be funny, their speech
          should reflect that. The challenge
          comes when you have to balance
          dialogue and the action lines to
          show a complex character. And
          unless vital to the plot, don't 
          allow one person to dominate too
          much, letting them go on, and on,
          and --
          Soliloquy alert!

Jac jumps.
          Ahem. Yes. That.
          Ooo eck. Does this writing malarky,
          ever get easy?

Alfie stretches on the back of the sofa and sighs.

          Not sure this writing life is for
          me, ya know. I might just stick to
          professional sleeper.
          A tip for your writing thoughts --
          read your dialogue, out loud. It
          really helps to pick up something
          that doesn't sound right, or hear a 
          word that's out of place.
          Ah, of course, makes sense.

Jac sits up, smug.

           Why, does it explain all those
           weird conversations I have with you?
           Oh. Thanks a lot.

Alfie shouts his eyes with a purr.
Jac deflated and stares forlornly at her laptop.

                                                                                       FADE OUT.

Author: J. West 

NOTE: Unfortunately blogging platforms don’t allow to maintain the typical screenwriting format, 
and it’s why the page formatting is out of sync. Please, open the following links to see the script as it should be:
Page1 - Page2 - Page3 - Page4 - Page5